Yas Island launches ‘Serdal Pearl Diving Expedition’


Yas Island, the UAE’s premier leisure andz entertainment destination, has announced the launch of its latest experience, the Serdal Pearl Diving Expedition, which pays homage to the country’s pearling history and gives visitors the opportunity to live out the traditional art of pearl diving in the Arabian Gulf.

The Expedition’s near six-hour program is inspired by and named after the Serdal, the title bestowed upon the most skilled nokhada, or captain, in early pearling culture. By drawing on the knowledge of experienced Emirati fishermen and pearling families, the Serdal Pearl Diving Expedition preserves this cornerstone of Emirati heritage by providing the opportunity to go back in time to a golden age in the UAE’s history.

Seafarers board a traditional Emirati dhow from Yas Marina and sail toward a diving site 1 nautical mile away. While on board, they will listen to folkloric pearl diving stories and join their hosts in singing along to age-old Emirati songs.  Upon anchoring at the diving site, participants are taught traditional pearling and diving methods to harvest real oyster shells from pearl beds (hiraat) in the depths of the Arabian Gulf. On the scenic return journey, the newly-skilled divers will also learn the techniques used by the boat’s nokhada to open their oysters and find the hidden treasures nestled within.

The Serdal Pearl Diving Expedition can be enjoyed by all ages, and those who are good swimmers can participate in the diving portion of the trip. Expeditions will set out to sea every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. Complimentary refreshments and light snacks are provided throughout the excursion, and each participant will come back with their own treasured pearl.

Prices start at 500 AED per adult, 250 AED per child between the ages of 8-12, and free for children under 8 years old.To book an expedition, please contact booking@serdaltours.com or call +971 (0) 54 445 5515.


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