Guide to Smart Online Shopping in Dubai


The world is getting smarter each day with latest gadgets making their way into our lives. Development of these bits of technology has made the world a global marketplace, allowing us to buy all that we need at our fingertips. If you are in Dubai and are one such smart shopper who loves to purchase online, then here are a few money saving tips that can help you in the long run. Find out more about how you can save with every online shopping spree.

Redeem discount coupons and vouchers

Making use of discount coupons and codes is one of the best ways to save when you shop online. You simply have to redeem these unique codes at the time of making the final online payment and get instant discount. Now the question is how to access such codes. It is very simple! All you need to do is look for such coupons from genuine coupon sites or look for them on your favorite online store. Popular online stores like Namshi, Souq, Noon, Groupon, Tajawal, etc. offer discount coupons to all their customers. You can also register with websites like Savioplus to receive special discount coupons in your mailbox.

Shop from sites that offer cashbacks

Many online stores offer cashbacks which means that when you pay your shopping bill online with a debit or credit card, a certain amount is credited to your account in the form of cashback. This works out as an instant discount and can be redeemed on your next shopping bill. Online shopping sites offer cashbacks up to 10% which can be a major saving.

Sign up for newsletters

Whenever you shop online, you must sign up as a registered buyer. This way you become eligible for more money saving offers. Registered users not only receive special deals and discounts in their inbox but are also entitled to extra discounts. All you need to do is share your email id to register yourself. So, don’t miss out on becoming a privileged shopper by not signing up!

Wait for seasonal discounts

Most online stores offer mega discounts every few months several times in a year. Apart from End of Season Sales (EOSS), you can also save with help of festive offers during special occasions like Black Friday, Ramadan, etc.  when most online stores come up with mega discounts. There are also special discount sales or events by online stores during specific times in a year. Wait for these opportunities for maximum savings while shopping online in Dubai.

Research and compare prices

This is extremely important when you shop online. Whenever you wish to buy a product or buy tickets or make hotel reservations or anything else online, you must do adequate research. Find out about offers and prices by competitor sites before you make a final purchase. The amount of discount offered by different online sites can vary from 10% up to 70%. Doing a research helps you buy at best prices available, enabling you to save even as spend.

Create a wish list

This is another great way of saving online. Whenever you wish to buy a product, you can add it to your wish list or even your shopping cart and wait for prices to drop. As soon as you add a product to your cart or wish list, all you have to do is wait for a price drop alert. This helps you save as you pay much less than the original price of the product.

Install shopping apps on your phone or tablet

Installing apps on your mobile or tablet has more advantages than one. Firstly, it allows you to shop even while you are on the go, without any delay. You can shop from wherever you are, pay online and complete your order. Secondly, you can also receive exclusive app offers which non-app users may not get. Most online shopping sites send out special offers, discount codes, package deals, etc. to their app users which lead to major savings on whatever you buy.

Follow stores on social media

Social media platforms are happening places and most online stores have taken to these platforms to reach out to their audiences. Make sure that you follow your favorite online stores on these platforms for maximum savings. Online stores use various social media sites to announce new product launches, deals, discounts, schemes, last minute offers, clearance sales, etc. When you follow social media updates, you are amongst the first few to get notified about such deals and you can enjoy the benefits of being an early bird.

Now that you know how you can save your hard-earned money online, try and implement these tips. It does not matter what you wish to buy, whether it is a product or a service, whether you are binge shopping or planning to buy essential items, you are sure to get good bargains by simply being a wise buyer. Be aware of deals and ways that you can put to good use to enjoy gainful shopping, which means that you save even when you spend. Happy shopping!


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