Why the iPhone is losing appeal


Flashing an iPhone in front of colleagues, business acquaintances and handsome people you strive to impress is not so convincing as it used to be a few years ago. Back then, the iPhones were somewhat limited in models and quantities, while quite costly for the average folks.

But circumstances have dramatically changed during the past three or even four years. The iPhone is losing appeal and by now it is viewed by many consumers as somewhat of unnecessary extravaganza.

The competition has utilized most of Apple’s smartphones advantages quite fast to reproduce it in various versions and with more appealing price tags. Before all, each and every generation of iPhone was produced in China. Naturally, Chinese brands are up to compete against Apple, and Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese too. In recent days, they compete very efficiently and grab larger market shares, according to latest smartphones sales data released by Gartner.

Another reason why the iPhone is losing appeal is it’s shorter upgrade cycle. Every six months a new slightly upgraded model is being introduced targeting the same category of buyers. But a very few users will change their smartphone every six months just to keep up with the latest craze. Let alone that the gadgets are expensive, although consumers with significant disposable income are not that much bothered by the price. On the other hand, they still have to transfer all of the downloaded personal data and upgrades to the new device, and this task could be annoying and time consuming. Also, what would you do with the old iPhone which is still new actually?

Another very significant reason for the iPhone to become less attractive is that it has become easy available for the average consumers. All telecom operators offer numerous buying options with or without payment plans, while online stores are running smart deals of all sorts. So, basically, a housemaid or office receptionist can purchase the same high profile gadget as the company’s owner. To own an iPhone is no longer a symbol of status.

Yes, there is no reason to upgrade to iPhone 7 if you already have iPhone 6s. iPhone 8 is coming, or iPhone 7s or iPhone SE, and so on. And moreover, it will offer nearly the same productivity and entertainment capabilities with minor modifications of the design or the size.

On the other hand, you can get a new and different device that is faster and runs on Android, and it will cost you less than the half the iPhone price as Moto G Plus 4, for example.

Having said the above, we wish a Good Luck to Apple in reinventing its smartphones and keeping customers buying them.



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