Report: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro will go on sale September 16


According to prominent mobile phone leaker Evan Blass, the world may be just under two months away from the iPhone 7.

“iPhone 2016 release: week of September 12th,” he wrote on Twitter. “Just to clarify, this refers to the retail release, not the launch event.

To be even more specific, it should happen on Friday, Sept. 16th.

“Rumors are also swirling about whether Apple will offer a three model line-up for the first time, including a so-called iPhone 7 Pro.

This year’s iterations of Apple’s flagship smartphones are widely expected not to feature major design changes aside from the removal of the headphone jack, as the company is said to be deviating from its standard tick-tock upgrade cycle in order to introduce major new features in next year’s 10th anniversary “iPhone 8” which take time to develop.

This year the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is expected to get an improved camera and optical image stabilization, while the larger 5.5-inch model is thought to be gaining a dual-lens camera and 3GB of RAM.

Apple has abandoned its usual two-year change in design cycle, where a new phone is launched after an “S” year. The iPhone 7 range of phones are claimed to feature a similar look to the iPhone 6S, which in-turn took its design from the iPhone 6 – the last major design change by Apple. Even while the exterior of the phones will be similar, Apple is reportedly making significant changes to the hardware.

According to rumours, among Apple’s few major changes this year is the addition of a third variant – a Pro model of the phone. This variant is said to feature the only significant change in this years look for the iPhone, with a dual camera lens setup. It is unclear what this second lens would do, with some experts claiming that Apple could use one of the cameras for background blur effect. Apple could also use dual rear cameras for better dynamic range and colour reproduction.


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