Prime Day coincides with a new Furby Connect exclusive launch


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.42.37 PMIt is not only that the upcoming Prime Day will become the biggest ever online sale, but also it will see the exclusive launch of a new Furby Connect.

As the latest edition of the popular and by now an numerous times reinvented toy, Furby Connect is a new online version of the classic toy with 1000 phrases, new color eyes and an interactive app.

With the likes of Infinite Arms, Cozmo and other robotic toys, classic Furby can look a bit dated. Furby Connect looks to steal a march on the competition by turning the cuddly plaything into an automatically updating interactive toy.

As the previous models, Furby Connect reacts intuitively to sound and touch, speaking with an impressive vocabulary of his own. Now though these expressions are accompanied by higher resolution color animations in each of his eyes.

He also offers much more movement with more body sensors and greater articulation. He also knows what time it is and will tailor responses to the current mealtime, bedtime or waking up.

The biggest change though is the Furby Connect World app. Connecting Furby via Bluetooth this can link to a range of app content. This starts with Tamogotchi style feeding and caring activities but can also introduce interesting videos and information. Another addition is the LED antenna that lights up to signal when content has arrived.

Finally, parents will be happy to hear there’s an easier way to put Furby to sleep at night. Simply attach the new sleep mask accessory and he will have a rest — as will you.

Overall it’s a nice update to Furby Boom, particularly with the toy continuing to evolve after purchase. Offering child-friendly content via the cloud is a nice addition as well although Hasbro and its partners will need to be careful on the selection, and parents may want to keep an eye on how long their children end up watching endless cat videos in the app.

Furby Connect is available on to pre-order in pink or teal and will release at retailers nationwide beginning Fall 2016 in three additional colors. The app will be available for download beginning July 7th at the Amazon Appstore, App Store, and Google Play and will be compatible with specific Fire tablets, iOS, and Android devices.


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