Five Popular Travel Destinations for Christmas Holidays


When it comes to deciding where to go for Christmas, it can be very tough sometimes – different parts of the world, different cultures and, of course, different prices. (Best deals on Expedia)

For Christmas holidays, people often choose sunny beaches on Paradise-like islands. But there are travel destinations with cultural and historical heritage that can also be very attractive and unique. Whether a warm country, or a not traditionally chosen tourist site, here are a few very popular travel destinations for Christmas holidays.


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Many of Middle Eastern travelers prefer this part of the world during Christmas since it's sunny but not too hot. You can go sightseeing and taking amazing pictures at the Pyramids. You can also visit the Valley of the Kings, sleeping in fine hotels where prices are not that high. Have a look here!

The Red Sea Riviera is famous not only for the beaches and favorable climate, but also for its National Parks like Al-Mahmeya and the Ras Muhammad National Park. There is also the Green Island or El Jzeera El Khadraa which is an artificial island built by the British Army to protect the Suez Canal from air and sea attack during World War II.


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