Five Popular Travel Destinations for Christmas Holidays



When it comes to deciding where to go for Christmas, it can be very tough sometimes – different parts of the world, different cultures and, of course, different prices. (Best deals on Expedia)

For Christmas holidays, people often choose sunny beaches on Paradise-like islands. But there are travel destinations with cultural and historical heritage that can also be very attractive and unique. Whether a warm country, or a not traditionally chosen tourist site, here are a few very popular travel destinations for Christmas holidays.


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This destination would be a perfect winter trip for people who do not like hot weather and the ordinary hotel - beach - hotel resting. One of the most exciting natural wonders in the world is the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights which can be observed in Iceland. According to NASA, most spectacular displays in recent years will be this winter and next winter. You can also enjoy seeing the glaciers, hot springs and geysers, volcanic craters, lava flows and waterfalls. Iceland is not typical but very distinctive and exceptional country, full of surprises and unique experiences.


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