Foreign Investors Enabled to Own Shares in UAE’s National Telecommunication Company


In an historic move, UAE Federal Law No. 01 of 1991 has been amended by Federal Decree by Law No. 03 of 2015, and new Articles of Association have been issued by the UAE Cabinet of Ministers. The amendments introduce momentous changes, including the possibility of foreign investors owning shares in Etisalat Group, while Etisalat’s legal name will change to Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC, but will continue to be known as Etisalat Group.

These changes allow for legal persons, including institutions, in the United Arab Emirates, or UAE government agencies, or other legal persons, to own shares in Etisalat. Also, non-national individuals and entities may own up to 20 percent of Etisalat Group’s shares, subject to the approval of the Etisalat Group Board of Directors. However, restrictions in respect of voting rights shall be applied to the shares owned by non-nationals and such shares shall not hold any voting rights at Etisalat Group’s general assembly although holders of such shares may attend general assembly meetings.

Commenting on the changes, Eissa Al Suwaidi, Chairman, Etisalat Group, said, “The approval to allow institutional and foreign ownership of Etisalat Group’s equity will have a positive impact for both Etisalat Group’s shareholders and the Stock Exchange. It also sends out a strong signal that the UAE is open for business and will enhance Etisalat brand recognition around the world.”

In addition to ordinary shares, a “Special Share” will be issued to the Federal Government of the UAE (the “Special Shareholder”), pursuant to the approval of Etisalat Group’s Board of Directors. Etisalat Group will also be entitled to issue different classes of shares. Other than the issuance of the Special Share, Etisalat Group does not intend to issue any additional shares at this time.

Ahmad Julfar, Group Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat, added that the move will enable Etisalat to continue to invest in the innovative products and services which customers demand and are vital in the highly competitive global telecommunications sector.

“As a result, I am confident that Etisalat will go from strength to strength and continue delivering long-term value to our shareholders,” he said.

Some of the other material changes include the ability for Etisalat Group to establish a new operating company for the purpose of operating its telecommunications network business and providing telecommunication services in the UAE, subject to Special Shareholder approval, and establishing a share buyback programme at any time in accordance with the conditions and procedures set out in the relevant law and subject to the prior approval of the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority.

In accordance with the new law, Etisalat Group will carry out the procedures required to implement and align its status with the provisions of the new law within one year from the date of its issue.


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