iPhone 7 Better than Your Digital Camera and Smart TV


As expected, as soon as the Apple Watch was officially released on the market, tech geeks have a new focus – iPhone 7. The next-gen Apple smartphone is expected not only to be the most advanced iPhone even developed, but also to be much more powerful than professional digital cameras and even smart TVs.

DSLR-like Camera

Flickr recently announced iPhone as the most popular photo-sharing gadget. In other words, Apple’s handset is the most used camera device today. That is probably why the U.S. technology giant decided to invest 20 million in the acquisition of Linx, an Israel-based camera-making company. The deal still has not been officially confirmed by neither Apple, nor LinX. Despite that, this acquisition quickly linked LinX’s innovative camera technology and iPhone 7. Business Insider, for instance, reports that the new iPhone is likely to rely on DSLR-like camera that will offer almost professional photo quality. In addition, it is believed that it will offer better pictures taken in low light and indoors.

LinX is also known for its 3D image technology. The company enables devices to use 3D information to improve the quality of a photo. That does not necessarily mean that iPhone 7 will have a 3D camera, rather than that it will be able to make 3D mapping of an image. Yet, even that would be an impressive achievement.

Ultra High Definition Screen

4K TVs are witnessing a gradual market increase. Therefore, not many consumers have switched to TVs with 4k screens, also known as ultra high definition screens. Nevertheless, the iPhone 7 may actually rock a 4K display sooner than your living room TV. That is because Apple has joined hands with Sharp for the making of its seventh-generation handset. The area in which Sharp is focusing a lot lately are small 4k screens. Just a few weeks ago, for example, the company has introduced a 5.5” LDC screen with an impressive pixel resolution of 3860 x 2160 and a pixel density of 806. Apple’s most recent smartphone, iPhone 6 Plus, also rocks a 5.5”display. However, it offers half that pixels density and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. So, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Apple Watch Style

The newly-released Apple Watch may be one of the key inspirations behind iPhone 7. The reason is the so-called Bendgate that shook the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. As the company advertised its smartwatch, its special aluminum alloy makes the gadget incredibly durable. The same revolutionary material would certainly give some extra strength to any future iPhone.

Skipping Straight to iPhone 7

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his reliable product insight and prognosis, has recently threw a bomb by claiming that there will be no iPhone 6S. According to Kuo, Apple will skip 6S line and move on directly to iPhone 7. Therefore, if that is true, we may see iPhone 7 sooner than the expected.


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