5 Luxury Travel Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2015


In 2015, luxury travel will become more and more popular. Travelers will be willing to spend extra for a luxurious and unique experiences. That will cover anything from sports activities, accommodation and dining experience. Therefore, in order to get ideas and find inspiration for your own holidays it is worth exploring the developing luxury travel trends for 2015.

Emerging Destinations with Exotic Cultures

Next year, luxury traveling will revolve among today’s emerging destinations. Particularly popular will be those that stand out with their exotic culture. Just like in 2014, Cuba will continue to lead the way, followed by Burma and Vietnam. Chile’s fame of a culturally rich travel spot will further rise this year and the country has the chance to attract a record number of luxury vacationers. Other similar locations that will be on luxury travelers’ list in 2015 are Iceland, Cambodia, Belize, Turkey and Galapagos Island. You will not go wrong with a booking at any of  the hotels here.

Night shot of Hoi An. Vietnam

Longer Luxury Travel Vacations

Next year, most travellers will not stay at one place for too long. The majority of them will focus more on the quantity instead of the quality, by visiting as many destinations as they can for a very short span of time. However, that will not be the case with luxury travelers. In 2015, this type of tourists will stick to two-week or even month-long holidays. That will be especially the case if they are spending this time at an emerging travel destination and explore every inch and corner of it.

Fleeting Vacations

Ironically enough, not all fans of luxury travel will be able to afford the luxury of time, like business professionals, for instance. That is why some travellers will opt for the fleeting vacations. They will simply hop on a private jet and enjoy all they can in one or two days. They will have breakfast in Rome, lunch in Hong Kong and then dinner in Paris, so that they will be able to be back at the office by tomorrow morning.

Lazy Vacation on Luxury Yacht Charter

Going on a luxury cruise will be a bug hit in 2015. However, if you try to book your tickets now, it will not take you much time before you realize that everything is booked up. Still, if you can afford it, you can try renting a luxury yacht charter. This year, they are predicted to offer a diverse choice of travel destinations from warm and sunny spots, like the Mediterranean Sea, to the Northern Hemisphere for a quick peek at the magnificent Northern Lights. In the meantime, you can enjoy fine dining or explore the port cities on the way.

Festival Luxury Holidays

Other luxury travellers will prefer to be in the center of the action and experience a more dynamic and loud atmosphere. To get that, they will treat themselves with festival luxury vacations. This means that they will pick their destination depending on whether it is a festival hotspot or not. The locations that are expected to top this list are Rio, India’s Durga Puja, Thailand and China.

Samba dancers perform at Fogueira Restaurant

It is not hard to see that in order to follow the 2015 luxury travel trends, one should have to be prepared to spend heavily. Nevertheless, next year is expected to see a rise in luxury tourism.


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