Buy Happiness on a Budget


Money can’t buy happiness! This is a popular saying and we are not even imagining to argue against it. However, the connection between happiness and money is quite complex and it is hard to summarize it in just a few simple words. While it is true that money can’t buy happiness alone, it is also true that you can help your yourself by spending on your way to happiness. Still, there is a condition here – you need to spend with moderation and wisely.

Of course, the effect of spending money can affect people in different ways and on various levels. But there are a few basic and wallet-friendly ways you can use money to help yourself on the path to happiness.

Go on a Modest Shopping Spree

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “shopping spree?” Buying clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets and etc.?

No, a shopping spree is not limited only to fashionable clothes and accessories. In fact, when it comes to happiness, you should not measure shopping in a number of items or amount spent, but in efficiency which keeps up with your happiness checklist.

Prioritize what makes you happy. For instance, if you want to spend more valuable time with your friends or family, do not be afraid to spend on a party for them. If the boredom or daily routine in your life drags you down, invest in leisure activities and enrichment classes etc.

You can even buy a little happiness at work. Just treat yourself with a new pen or a funny coffee mug for the office. It’s the little things that matter.

Buy Only What You Need

When it comes to spending habits, there are two main types of people – overspenders and underspenders. As the words suggest, the first type tends to spend too much on things that they don’t always need, while the second limits his or her spending to such an extent that even the most vital purchases are often overlooked.

So, what would you choose – to be an overspender or an underspender? The right answer is “neither.” Both trigger stress. It is stressful to know that you have wasted money on things you will never use, but is also stressful to intentionally keep your budget too tight. Try to find the golden means – buy only what you need. Avoid limiting yourself, or spending beyond your reasonable budget.

Get Rid of the Junk

We are all hoarders in one way or another. In almost every home, there are countless items that are not used either because they are broken, outdated or of a sentimental value. Don’t be afraid to get them out of your way. You are probably keeping them because you think that one day you may use them. However, the fact that you have not looked at those items for ages really makes the probability rather slim. Therefore, if you have a broken radio somewhere in your house, get rid of it and replace it with a new iPod. So, you will take spending-on-only-what-you-need one step further.

Learn to Say “No” to Yourself

In some cases, the causes that can make you very happy can also make you unhappy. For instance, partying until late in the evening when you have to go to work the following day, or enjoying a movie marathon stuck at home when the weather outside is sunny and welcoming. The same goes for spending money. While it is true that spending can lift up your spirit a bit, it is also true that it can make you feel sorry as soon as you get home. Therefore, every now and then, say “No” to your impulse to invest in something even if you really want it. SAYING “No” will teach you modesty and also that money is only a small ingredient in the recipe for happiness.

In general, do not rely on money to make you happy. View them only as small block on your road to a happier life.


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