7 Rules for Smartphone Users


Smartphone users’ lives are easier. In reality, however, smartphone can make our lives… even more easier in the very near future! Only you need to read this article and to have a smartphone, of course. No matter whether you rely on an Android device, an iPhone or a Windows phone, you should do your best to follow a few basic rules.

Be More Open to Alternatives

Every smartphone comes with a good set of default features and apps. In most of the cases they do a pretty decent job. Still, make sure you also try their alternatives, since they may offer you functions that are more practical for your lifestyle or work. Follow this rule especially when it comes to browsers and email apps. With web browsers, the choice is huge. Therefore, when picking a browser app for your smartphone, think of what you really need and want. For instance, there are some mobile browsers that have a desktop view and are suitable for novice smart gadget users.

When selecting an email application, install the native app of the email platform on which you mainly rely. This means that if you are an Outlook user, you should download Microsoft’s Outlook app. Just keep in mind that usually native apps are better than the default ones.

Keep Your Memories Alive

Photos are memories and in these digital days, it is very easy to lose them. Breaking your phone or simply tapping the wrong option may wipe out all your precious snaps from your storage. That is way it is important to back up your photos. Again, there are many apps which will help you to do that. Some of them are dedicated only to image back-up, while others are more multifunctional. OneDrive is one such case and it will allow you to store 7GB of pictures for free. If you are a Windows Phone user, you have probably noticed that this application is integrated into your device’s operating system. But regardless of which app you choose to use, adjust its settings and allow it to automatically back-up your photos.

Access the Web on a Budget

3G and 4G networks will allow you to access the Internet on the go. Despite that, they these data plans often come at a hefty price. Those who don’t, on the other hand, will only provide you with a super low speed. If you want to save money, you can use your smartphone as a wireless hotspot. This alternative has its disadvantages, but at least it comes a really good price. You should certainly consider trying it out, if you have the habit to spend a lot of time on browsing the web or using apps that require Internet access.

Discover the Advantages of the Cloud

Most smartphones offer good audio quality and music-related options like playlist manager, mood setter and etc. However, if you have a large music library, you will find it hard to store everything on your device. When that happens, many people through some extra money on memory cards.

There is absolutely no need for that! It is time to move your music to the cloud. You may be surprised to learn that there are countless of cloud music apps and services out there. Google Play Music, for instance, will allow you store tens of thousands of songs on the cloud for free. Also, for just $25, you can upload hundreds of thousands of music tracks on Amazon Cloud Player. Those, who do not have time to manage and organize playlists, can simply use online radio apps. They will create radio stations based on your own musical preferences.

The only downside of these solutions is that you will need constant web access. However, most of them will allow you to download and listen to your favourite tracks even when you are offline.

Consider Whether You Really Need an Insurance

When you go to a store to get a new smartphone, you are almost always encouraged to make insurance. But try not to give in to the convincing arguments of the salesperson. Take the time and think whether you truly need to insure your device. If you have a long history of breaking and damaging your phone, you should probably get insurance. However, you should generally avoid spending extra money on that. Instead, set the money for the insurance aside. Then, if a problem occurs, use them to fix it. If it doesn’t – you get to spend the money on something else.

Get Things Organized

How is your home screen these day? Chaotic, right! Well, we will have to break it to you – it’s time to organize your apps. The good news is that once you do that, you will navigate around your device much faster.

The first thing you need to do is to pick your favourite apps or the apps you tend to use the most. After that you should add them to your home screen. Nevertheless, avoid adding folders to it. Some smartphone OS support app widgets. Use them! They display information in a very neat way. In addition, some of them will even allow you to browse through them without having to open the app itself. Also, it is best if organize your applications by categories. For example, first row – games, second row – social media apps.

Take the Shortcut

You will be amazed to learn that your smartphone supports many shortcuts of which you had no idea. With just one tap or swipe, you can do miracles. For instance, if you double-tap an iPhone’s home button, you will open a list of the recent applications you have used. Android phones, on the other hand, will allow you to expand your notifications by dragging them. If you are not familiar with your device’s shortcuts, you should open its Help menu or browse through its settings. Also, you can always search the web for answers.

With this quick set of tips and tricks, you will be able to use your smartphone in a smarter and more productive way.


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