CES 2014 – Top 5 Wearable Devices


CES 2014 concluded by the end of the past week. However, one trend was very obvious at the event. Although consumers are adopting wearable computers rather slowly, various technology companies presented numerous wearable gadgets in Las Vegas. Among them were also some of today’s market leaders. Smartwatches continue to be the most popular wearable device. However, the wearable fitness technology is also an area in which companies have started to invest much more. Google Glass, on the other hand, may have paved the way for smartglasses. Although they did not offer any big innovations, a few such devices also premiered at the event. Let’s now take a look at the five most impressive and promising wearable devices that may enjoys some success on the mass market.

Pebble Steel

One of the biggest smartwatch manufacturers Pebble surprised the world by showing off a stylish new product. The company introduces the second-generation of its wearable computer watch called Pebble Steel. Even though the gadget’s price has jumped by $100, it has also undergone a huge style evolution. It design is very classy and it is made of high-end materials. As its name hints it, Pebble Steel’s look was inspired by steel. The device’s hardware has also been upgraded. Among its new features is an RGB LED located at the front side of the gadget. In addition, the memory has been increased from 4MB to 8MB.

Intel Smartwatch

At CES 2014, Intel announced that it will take a new product direction. The company is planning to focus a little more on wearable technology. It seems that Intel will try to offer consumers fashionable smart products. Intel shared that has teamed up with a number of designer brands, including The Council of Fashion Designers of America and Barneys. The company informed that it has started working on a smart bracelet. Despite that, it neither revealed when it will release the product nor did it give details on its capabilities. In addition, Intel used CES 2014 to demonstrate its first smartwatch prototype which will be launched later this year.

Sony Core

Sony has already released a few wearable devices on the market. However, none of them were in the sphere of fitness tracking. Well, this quickly changed at CES 2014. There, the company unveiled its very first fitness-tracking wearable gadget. The product is called Sony Core. It is so small that it can be integrated into other smart devices. That is namely what Sony plans to do. While Core’s main function will be to track fitness activity, it will also follow tasks you have performed on your smartphone. According to Sony, the device will last five days on just a single charge.


Many smartglasses were seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Nevertheless, one managed to make a big impression – GlassUp. The main reason is that it uses a different technology from that included in Google Glass. Instead of projecting images on a prism located to the user’s right, GlassUp shows it directly on the lenses. In that way, consumers will not need to look away whenever they need to check their notifications or any other type of information. The people behind the device explain that it will be a top choice for doctors, drivers and professionals who cannot afford to be distracted.

iFit Active Band

iFit announced that it will show off a wearable iFit Active band in Las Vegas. The product is said to be unique since it will unite user’s fitness activities outdoors, indoors and etc. In addition, the device may also support web connectivity. That is because this is one of the trademarks of iFit’s fitness products.


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