Amazon Appstore Goes Global


Rumours that Amazon is developing a smartphone are still not confirmed. However, all signs point that the company is currently focused on the mobile technology market. The biggest online retailer announced that it will expand its Appstore by opening it in nearly 200 countries.

Just to illustrate you the size of the expansion we will tell you that the United Nations consist of only 193 countries. In addition, the number of sovereign states in the entire world amounts to 206. What does all that mean? Simply said, Amazon will make Appstore global. Inc. started the expansion a while ago. The company adds new countries to Appstore’s distribution list every few months. However, now the company has aimed higher by including a lot more regions on its next expansion series. Among the countries in which users will soon have access to Appstore are India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, Vatican City, Canada, Papua New Guinea and Mexico.

Amazon’s online store for mobile applications was first launched in 2011 and it quickly gained popularity on the markets it was available. Presently, Amazon Appstore offers over 50,000 Android apps. In addition, after the expansion the store will be accessible from more countries compared than the biggest Android store – Google Play. The Google Play Store is delivered only in less than 135 counties. However, it still has more users than Amazon Appstore, but maybe that will change when the store goes global.

But what lies behind the success of’s application store? According to the company itself, the keys to Appstore’s growth and popularity are Amazon’s massive consumer base.

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We remind you that the retail giant is behind one of the top-selling Android tablets Kindle Fire. In addition, it offers services like In-App Purchasing, 1-Click Purchasing and GameCirle. Amazon introduced GameCircle towards the end of 2012. Despite that, applications included in the system enjoy already enjoy 83% higher revenue compared to those which are not. For those of you who are not familiar with the service, GameCirle is a social gaming system that is quite similar to Apple’s Game Center. Inc. does not mention any specific dates concerning the expansion. However, the company informs that it will take place over the next few months.


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