Why is Thailand so popular among tourists?


Dusit International Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations among travelers from all over the world. Over 12 million people visited the country’s capital, Bangkok, last year. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thailand heavily relies on its tourism income. It makes up an impressive 6% of the entire economy of the country. In addition, Bangkok is more visited than major cities like New York, Vienna, Rome and even Singapore.

But why is Thailand so popular among tourists? What makes the South Asian country so special? Ahead of Eid Al Adha public holiday, it may good to answer these questions in order to make the most of your short holiday break. Hmm, where shall we begin…?

Exceptional Hospitality and Services

For a start, in Thailand you can meet some of the most polite, warm and welcoming people. The country is even known as “The Land of Smiles”. People in the Kingdom of Thailand always seem happy and cheerful. In addition, they are extremely helpful. For example, if you have difficulties understanding the local language, Thai, people will politely offer you to translate you the necessary information.

Services in Thailand are also at a top level. Shop assistants in the Land of Smiles greet you from the moment you enter their store. They instantly smile and even give you a big welcoming hug. In addition, restaurant and hotel services are more than satisfying. Thailand is famous for its unique cuisine. As a result, restaurants are often very busy. Despite that fact, clients never wait to be seated. Moreover, they are served surprising quickly. In big restaurants, the chef will often come out the kitchen to ask you whether you enjoyed your exotic dish. The service staff in Thailand is very professional and dedicated to customers.

Beautiful Nature

Thailand is place with rare and divine nature. The country is known for its astonishing beaches. The sceneries in Thailand resemble a postcard and lure millions of sun-hungry tourists every year. In addition, there are many lush islands along the costs of the Kingdom. The beach water is aquamarine blue and it is perfect for swimming and diving.

Affordable Prices

Thailand is somewhat shockingly cheap, both for living and visiting. Food, accommodation and traveling prices are very low. For example, you only need about $4 for daily food expenditures. Moreover, you can get a nice cozy room only for $10 per a night. With such low prices you will have more money to spend on shopping and entertainment. You can even pamper yourself with a world-class luxury hotel room. Because of its affordable and reasonable prices, Thailand is perfect for long vacations.

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No wonder Thailand attracts so many people every year! The South Asian country is a true tourist heaven!


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