Top Five Low-cost Digital Cameras Review


Low-Cost Digital Cameras for Everyday Personal Use

Personal digital cameras are very popular these days. Most certainly, every family, if not even every member of a family has one. People nowadays love to capture memorable and important events, beautiful sceneries and landscapes, funny or outrageous moments.

Thanks to all the advances in technology, you can now find easily a high-quality low-cost digital cameras in stores and online. If you are considering getting one yourself, here are a few suggestions for top quality low-cost digital cameras that can make your choice easier.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530 – $85

Sony first released its Cyber-Shot DSC-W530 in 2011 and since then it is gaining more and more popularity. That may be due to the fact this model is not simply classified as a “personal camera”. Actually it is a bridge version, which means that it has the qualities of both personal and professional digital cameras. Despite the fact that the model is not brand new, now is the best time to get it. Why? Because its price fell in 2012. Like the other Cyber-Shots, W530 is very compact and it can fit easily in your pocket. It has a 14.1 megapixels and 26-104mm equiv. zoom. The camera also has a 2.7” screen and it can record videos in HD quality. W530 has an intelligent auto set mode. That makes the camera perfect for people who are not familiar with some of the more advances features of modern-day devices.

Nikon Coolpix S3100 – $94.50

It is not an easy task to find a good Nikon camera at a price under $100. That is because the company offers more professional devices. However, it is not impossible to get a low-price Nikon personal camera. This device has 14 MP resolution, 5X optical zoom and a HD recording. S3100 may have a standard screen size of 2.7” but its features and software are greater than you expect. In addition, the camera is very stylish and slim!

Canon Powershot A1200 – $84.99

With this version of Powershot is slimmer than its predecessors. However, this doesn’t mean that its functions are limited. In fact, this tiny camera has functions which are usually found in more expensive cameras. To begin with, it has 12.1 MP and a big 2.7” screen. In addition, A1200 has a 4x optical zoom and it can record videos with the brilliant quality of 720p HD.

Olympus VG-120 – $84.99

This digital camera is from Olympus’ so-called “budget compacts” series. In other words, these are cameras that are on a very cost but have many useful functions. The 14 MP camera also has a 3.0 inch LCD. VG-120 comes with the amazing 26-130mm equiv. wide angle zoom lens. This Olympus camera is very suitable for people who like to add more effects to their photos. If you are one of them, you’d surely find the Pop Art, Pin-hole, Punk and Sparkle effects entertaining!

Kodak Easyshare Mini M200 – $84.99

If you are searching for a really small camera… you have found it! Actually, its name gives that out – Mini! Kodak’s M200 is one of the smallest cameras on the market right now. Therefore, don’t expect any flashing functions or features from it. But still its parameters are quiet decent. It has a 10 MP and a 2.5” bright LCD. It has a 3x wide-angle optical zoom lens and Smart Capture and Face Recognition features. If you like to take pictures of yourself, you’d love Kodak M200 because it has a special built-in mirror. Self-snapping has never been so easy!

So if you plan to buy a digital camera for less than $100 keep your eyes open for these models. They offer all you need and more – amazing features, stylish look and high-quality photos and videos!


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