Bank frauds on rise


Dubai banks customers have been asked to be on alert following recent cases of rise in illegal money transfers. A series of credit card fraud and bank forgery cases have come to light in the months gone by, some of them involving amounts of more than $200,000 (Dh 734,416).

According to the Forensic Evidence and Crime Science Department (FECSD) of Dubai Police, banking fraud crimes are on the rise. The police and fraud-prevention experts have now advised the banks and their customers to step up security and exercise utmost vigilance while making transactions.

Bank customers were in for a shock when they found their money was transferred from their accounts without their knowledge. In one such case, a client was surprised to receive a call from the bank asking him for confirmation to a transfer request he had never made.

Last year 28 such cases were reported last year. Tests confirmed that bank transfer application forms were procured correctly and subsequently falsified with data of the account holders and their signatures.


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