The Best Wi-Fi System in 2019


The best Wi-Fi system in 2019 is highly advanced, super fast mesh and can be controlled via mobile app. This is the conclusion of industry experts who preselected the award honorees for the prestigious CES 2019 Innovation Awards.

Orbi Whole Home Wi-Fi System with Built-in Cable Modem is the industry’s first retail cable modem router Wi-Fi system. It offers mobile app setup, automated firmware updates, and super-fast mesh tri-band Wi-Fi. The DOCSIS 3.0 and FastLane3 technologies deliver maximum performance and uninterrupted connections.

This best Wi-Fi system offers high quality all-in-one package, potentially ideal for people looking to escape modem rentals and leap into mesh Wi-Fi at the same time. 

The Cable Orbi comes with just two components: a combination modem/router and a single satellite. Local Wi-Fi bandwidth tops out at 2.2 gigabits per second, split between two 866-megabit channels and one 400-megabit path. One of these is a dedicated 5-gigahertz backhaul for the satellite access point. It ensures that speeds don’t drop off dramatically away from the router. The router also has four gigabit Ethernet ports, while the satellite has two.

This is all pretty similar to Netgear’s existing Orbi models. What’s new of course is the modem, which delivers 32×8 DOCSIS 3.0 with up to 1.4 gigabits of bandwidth, more than enough for current home connections. 

The Netgear Orbi app for iPhones and iPads does a good job of guiding users through the setup process. It is a bit complicated for the Cable Orbi since you’ll need to contact your ISP and supply them with a MAC address and/or serial number. Set aside some time for installation. Even if your hardware works perfectly, you might still run into provisioning problems with your ISP, and you may have to manually reconnect household devices.

You might have to reboot the Orbi a few times, stopping midway through to configure.  Once the Orbi is configured with SSID information, most devices and accessories reconnect automatically without a hitch.

With the Orbi Tri-Band Wi-Fi Cable Modem System, you benefit from incredibly fast cable downloads and blazing-fast Wi-Fi for uninterrupted data flow to more connected devices everywhere in your home, plus many great Orbi features like voice commands and smart parental controls.

The real question is whether something like this best Wi-Fi system fits your needs or budget. It is excessive if you live in an apartment, and even if you own a house, you may have already paid for a separate cable modem, in which case a less advanced system is all you need. If you don’t have any particularly bandwidth-heavy tasks like security cameras, multiplayer shooters, or 4K streaming, you may want to consider cheaper mesh options like the Google Wifi

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Mesh systems seem to be the future of Wi-Fi. Homes and businesses are so often saturated with internet-connected devices that it’s essential to eliminate dead spots, especially when it comes to smarthome accessories like security cameras. The gist of the mesh concept is that on top of a primary router, you can connect one or more satellite units that seamlessly widen your network without requiring multiple SSIDs, as with normal Wi-Fi extenders. Mobile devices will automatically switch access points as you roam.

NETGEAR is a leading provider of networking devices that power today’s smart home and small businesses. The company has been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Orbi Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi system with Built in Cable Modem in the Computer Peripherals product category. The two versions of it are currently available through authorized NETGEAR partners reseller channels, ecommerce sites, and major retailers.

The CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, owner and producer of CES, the world’s largest and most influential technology event. 


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