4 Reasons for Middle Eastern Travellers to Choose Vienna for Their Next Holiday Break

Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, copyright WienTourismus
Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, copyright WienTourismus

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is one of the most elegant cities in Europe – widely popular among tourists seeking to enjoy cultural experiences. There are numerous reasons for such statement, but the most significant of them is the inspiring showcase of masterpieces of design, architecture and culture.

Copyright WienTourismusVienna is located in the heart of the oldest continent and it has played a significant part in the formation and the development of the central European countries through the centuries. Positioned on the crossroads of travelers from the Ottoman Empire to London and from Russia to Madrid, the city was and remains a must-stop-in for travelers of all walks of life.

For Middle Eastern travelers, in particular, there are a few reasons to consider exploring Vienna during their next holiday break.

First of all, Vienna is easily accessible. Every major airline flays to Vienna from Dubai, with UAE national carriers even offering very attractive holiday packages that include hotel stays and popular tours. UAE nationals are exempt from entry visa to Austria, while most of the European expatriates can enter only by showing their ID cards.

Unlike London, for example, to explore Vienna is not very expensive. If you compare the rates of hotels and the entry fees to tourist attraction, you may even find it cheaper than Dubai. Although the luxurious hotels of Vienna are not that glitzy as the new five star facilities you can enjoy in UAE, most of them are impeccably maintained and very charming with their unique character.

Österreich, Wien, Hofburg, Copyright WienTourismus
Österreich, Wien, Hofburg, Copyright WienTourismus

Another very important reason for Middle Eastern travelers to choose Vienna is the fact that the city is multicultural and its residents are tolerant to different nationalities and religions. As Austria is relatively small country in terms of population and it has been accepting immigrants since many decades, you will not be surprised to meet Austrians from Turkish, Yugoslavian, Russian, Italian and other origins. Respectively, you can see mosques and synagogues, or orthodox and catholic churches. You may also enjoy various European and Eastern cuisines apart from the traditional Viennese specialties.

Copyright WienTourismusStill, the cultural extravaganza that you can enjoy in Vienna is most attractive for non-Europeans. Our advice is to book a Vienna Pass for two or three days and let yourself go on a journey to different times and showcases of art and architecture. You can visit mesmerizing architectural masterpieces such as the State Hall of the Austrian National Library, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Schönbrunn Palace, Imperial Palace Schloss Hof, Klosterneuburg Monastery and many more. In the halls and the art galleries you will be able to view paintings of renowned artists and sculptors.

A visit to Vienna State Opera is a must-do for admirers of classic music, as you should not forget that composers such as Mozart and Strauss originate from Austria. Romance is also one of the reasons for couples to visit Vienna to celebrate anniversary or even to get married.

Altogether, Vienna could become your holiday dream come true – open minded, easily accessible and rich in lifestyle experiences.

Wien Tourismus, Fiaker, Wien, 2015, copyright Copyright WienTourismus
Wien Tourismus, Fiaker, Wien, 2015, Copyright WienTourismus


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