Top Online Shopping Sites for First-timers


Online shopping has become massively popular not only because it often means bargain hunting, but for many other reasons – convenience, saving time, better customer service and so on. If you are still a newbie in buying stuff on the Internet, you will need some basic knowledge on how to, and mostly where to shop from in order to avoid disappointment from your purchases and far more serious issues such as credit card scams or personal data frauds. We have made a list containing the top online shopping sites which offer proven quality items, safe experience and good prices.

Online shopping has a lot of benefits – you can shop on YOUR schedule, even if it means at 4 am in your pajamas; you can always find promotions, discount coupons, sales etc.; you have the SEARCH feature – you can find anything you want, even if you don’t know what it is exactly that you want! One of the best things about online shopping is that you can compare prices and make a research about a particular retailer or item. And you will receive all your purchases at home, instead of carrying shopping bags around. Honestly, there are probably tens of reasons why you should shop on the Internet, but we hope you are already a believer.51d-O9AqU2L._UY219_CR0,0,312,219_

So, which websites are best for online shopping? There is, of course, a large number of retail sites, but the biggest one is Amazon.comwhich offers practically everything you can think of and the greatest thing about it is the incomparable variety of items and services. The website offers cheap and even free shipping to every part of the world, with lots of payment options, and even gift wrapping.

Another fashion company with a great online store is Mango. You can shop online their latest collections, exclusive items and sales, which are often not available in their brand stores around the world.

51C7rQeLBOL._UY219_CR0,0,312,219_You have probably heard of Macy’s – the big retail chain in the United States. offers mostly designer women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. They also offer products for the bed and bath, jewelry, watches and others. Macy’s also ship across the globe and run seasonal and holiday sales. They have a special wedding shop where you will find absolutely everything for your big day from the wedding gown and beauty products to all kinds of wedding gifts and items.

If you searching for sports clothing, shoes and accessories, your best shot is – the official online store of the famous brand.

51WF7rD5jiL._UY219_CR0,0,312, is the place for crystal jewelry, figurines, fashion accessories, watches and sunglasses with crystals. Both companies are leaders on the market for those items, so if you need genuine merchandise, you’d better shop right from the source.

One of the largest websites offering huge sales on a wide variety of consumer products is – a global marketplace consisting of lots of small business sellers offering their merchandise to over 200 countries and regions. Here you will find women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories, bags and shoes, baby’s products, toys, electronics, sports items, fitness & exercise items, musical instruments, home and garden products, as well as anything you need for your car.

611MJQy-s0L._UY219_CR0,0,312,219_Certainly many people shop online designer clothes because they can get them at big discounts. There are several websites which have flash sales on designer and luxury goods. Amazon-operated is a private daily flash sales site which features fashion items even some times straight from the brand new collections.

Another dedicated private sales site is It offers members-only discounted prices on women’s and men’s fashion, home, kids  items and more. Unlike most retail stores, it offers only genuine brand items. If you need quality, luxury, and designer fashion, just pick one of these websites and you will find lots of sales and discounts.

The best online stores for electronics, computers, tablets, mobile apps and all kinds of tech gadgets are Microsoft Store and Don’t trust smaller websites because there are too much scams and lower quality products when it comes to software for example. You can easily purchase and download a virus or other malware if you are shopping at a regular online store. One of the few exceptions maybe is Amazon which has also a good security and a great customer service.

Giftcard from Bloomingdales with hotstampLast, but not least, are the gift cards offered by online stores. You can purchase a gift card, worth $100 for instance, and send it for a birthday, anniversary, as a wedding gift, or even without any special occasion. It’s the perfect present for everyone – the receiver uses the card for getting what they want! This way, you will never feel you’ve messed up the Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift! Gift cards can be sent at post boxes or at e-mails, which is even more convenient. Some websites like Amazon offer electronic gift cards which can be sent online.

So, how does it sounds to you? It looks online shopping has its many advantages, doesn’t it?


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