Early Predictions for Interior Design Colour Trends in 2015


Although there are a few more months until 2015 arrives, it is not that early to discuss the upcoming color trends in interior design. Dominating colour combinations can already be pinpointed through a look back at the 2015-focused runways during the fashion weeks, which were held earlier this year. Here is the early insight into next year’s hottest interior design colour trends and we are giving you the advantage of a head start.


Neutral colours are expected to be very popular next year. They can be used to balance the atmosphere in any home. In addition, they have the rare power to add a chic appearance to any interior. However, the best thing about neutral tones is that can be combined with almost any colour you can think of. In 2015, olive green and soft grey will be two of the hottest neutrals in interior design. Both of them are can be very warm and classic. A particularly dramatic way to use grey is to mix it with pale white and dark charcoal.


wohnen_residence_suite-gardenWithout a doubt, blue will be one of the colours that will characterize 2015 as a whole. Still, some of its variations will be a bigger hit than others. For example, deeper and darker hues of blue with a glossy finish will be a true showstopper next year. These tones offer a unique mixture of classic and modern. Also, you can try combining blue with sour green for a fresh and bold result. Mediterranean blue will be yet another colour sensation in a few months. It is rich and looks amazing with various shades of grey and pink.

Old Days’ Colours

wohnen_vital-suites_junior-suiteLike every year, some forgotten interior design trends will make a comeback. In 2015, those will include 60s and 80s colours. One of the 1960s most memorable colour combinations is orange and olive. As for the 1980s colour revival, L.A.-inspired pastels will dictate the rhythm. Cheerful mixtures of purple and orange will often be seen along with neon tones next year.

Unexpected and Crazy Colour Combos

401Prepare for a sight unseen! In 2015, bold colours in interior design will be mixed in bold ways. Imagine turquoise alongside pink, aqua blue, purple and vivid green all at once. Another variation of this trend will focus on pairing a more daring tone (orange, red or blue) with a classic colour (white, black, grey). The result is a dynamic and striking modern atmosphere.

Now that you know the interior design colour trends for 2015, you can start rearranging them in your imagination. So, you may come up with some refreshing ideas for interior decoration to use in your home or even office during the next year.


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