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Amazon Slashes Kindle Fire HD Price for Mother’s Day


Being a mother is a non-stop job that requires constant efforts to keep the ones you love safe and happy. That is why it seems unfair that these exceptional women get only one special day of the year. If you haven’t heard by now, the U.S. is celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, on May 12th. This is a perfect occasion to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her.

Those of you, who are not good in picking interesting and original gifts, will be glad to hear that Amazon.com is now offering its latest and most advanced tablet Kindle Fire HD for a reduced price. The 38% faster than the iPad Mini device is currently available for $179. The only condition is to enter the code FIRE4MOM at checkout to activate the $20-off discount!

In return of your money you will get a present that can turn any frown upside down! That is because Kindle Fire HD is a multifunctional piece of electronics. For instance, it will keep your mom busy browsing magazines or reading books, while waiting for you anywhere. The Kindle Fire HD has a display with reduced glare that will make reading of electronic books easier than ever.

If your mom is an active multitasker, Kindle Fire HD will enable her to listen to her favourite books while cooking, for example. The device’s stereo speakers and exclusive Dolby audio are also perfect for music listening.

In addition, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD can transform into a portable movie theatre. Film watching has never been more fun thanks to this tablet’s rich colours and HD display. Your gorgeous mom will have the opportunity to choose from Amazon’s video library of over 120,000 titles.

Also, Kindle Fire HD will keep you more connected with your mother. The device impresses with ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection and battery life of more than 11 hours. Keeping in touch will no longer be a luxury or a time-consuming activity for you and your mom.

You can order Kindle Fire HD at a reduced price until May 12th, so don’t wait long to visit Amazon.com and make your purchase.



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