Smartphones and Tablets Transform the Travel and Tourism Sector


The travel and tourism sector today is changing. However, that is not due only to the new habits of the consumers or the world economy. Even bigger influence in the sector have mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. These innovative gadgets are becoming more and more affordable and their constant web access makes them helpful tools anywhere we go. As a result, people have replaced dictionaries and paper maps with mobile travel apps and web platforms dedicated to travelling. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets can be used for things like booking a hotel room, reserving a table in a restaurant or buying airplane tickets.

A new report published by BI Intelligence focuses on the ways in which mobile industry is affecting travel and tourism sector. In addition, it outlines a few trends that have to do with mobile travelers and mobile travelling in general.

The research mentions that the number and popularity of mobile applications dedicated to travelling is rising due to the fact that the T&T sector is among the most successful and promising ones today. According to the study, the value of mobile travel apps only in the US will reach more than $8 billion by the end of 2013. That means that the total value of mobile applications for travellers in the world will exceed $10 billion over the following months.

Also, the report points that advertisers and brands are becoming more interested in mobile travelers. The reason behind this is that mobile apps and mobile devices reveal information on a consumer’s location and habits more than other computer devices like laptops, for example.

BI Intelligence is outlining some interesting trends in mobile travelling. The company has discovered that a big part of business travelers use mobile applications when they organize their business trips. Moreover, many of them book their hotel rooms and tickets through their smartphones and tablets (32%).

Another curious finding made by the research is that consumers, who rely on mobile devices to plan their trips and vacations, have incomes which are higher than the average level.

The report also states that tablet PCs and smartphones are used for last-minute booking in most of the cases. In fact, about 70% of online bookings that were done in a 24-hour range before the actual check-in were made vie a mobile devices.

All this shows that mobile smart technology is creating new opportunities in the travel and tourism industry not only for advertisers and companies, but also for the travelers themselves.


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