FIO undertakes strategic study to further boost foreign direct investment potential of Dubai


The Foreign Investment Office (FIO) mentored students from the SP Jain Center of Management to undertake a study of the key strategic areas related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The study conducted under the direction of Mr. Nader Sabry, Director of Strategy Planning and Policy from the FIO and Professor Arindam Banerjee from the SP Jain Center of Management was undertaken from November 2009 to March 2010. It evaluated the FDI environment in Dubai by engaging various entities that are an integral part of the foreign investment value chain of the Emirate. The research yielded positive feedback and helped identify key priority areas that will help develop FDI policy recommendations to potentially enhance the investment environment in Dubai.

Fahad Al Gergawi, CEO of the Foreign Investment Office, said: “The studies undertaken by SP Jain Centre of Management have the potential to improve the strategy policy and planning of the FIO. This is part of our responsibility to drive meaningful change through strong community partnerships. The studies cover strategic and high impact areas, and the Dubai Department of Economic Development and FIO will share the insights and learning with concerned stakeholders. We congratulate SP Jain Centre of Management for the excellent work undertaken.”

Professor Arindam Banarjee, professor of finance at SP Jain Center of Management Said: “The primary motivation for undertaking the projects was the contemporary nature of the projects in the wake of the recent global economic meltdown. The projects resulted in a perfect blend of academia with real world practice, and SP Jain would be willing to undertake similar projects in future and remain committed to deliver the best.”

Many studies done have taken an external view on Dubai and this is one of the few studies done that takes an internal approach by talking to investors already in Dubai and assessing their needs.


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