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JOZ Group consists of a number of companies operating in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Kenya, Qatar and Uganda. It was established by Mr. Joz in 1936 under the name of “BeautyCentre”. Soon after the business proved to be successful, Mr. Joz’s son, Jamil expanded the family establishment’s positions by launching JOZ Trading Co. LLC in the U.A.E., JOZ International inOman, Dubai Beauty Centre in Kenya, and later JOZ Properties in Dubai.

The group soon stabilized its positions in the MENA market and expanded its business operations across Asia and Africa.

For decades, JOZ Group has enjoyed a stable popularity within the industry due to the considerable variety of salon and spa equipment it maintains and a large assortment of  skincare and hair products.

JOZ Group has built its reputation on solid foundations, including the competency and the friendly attitude of its team of experienced professionals and the affordable prices of its products and equipment. The group’s management constantly expands the products’ lines by acquiring distribution rights of well-known globally equipment manufacturing companies.

At present, the group holds nearly 55% market share in MENA region. In the near-term future, JOZ Group plans to invest in medical equipment and products, especially in mesotherapy products, facial fillers, peelings, medical cosmetics and others. In order to achieve its goals, the group is planning to open a number of wholesale and retail outlets in the Gulf region – U.A.E. and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To easy the purchasing requirements of its clients, JOZ Group issues annual catalogue, available for an order absolutely free of charge through the company’s website Salon and spa owners and retailers can choose from a large variety of items, including everything from essential equipment for salons and spas to consumptives for daily use. The great variety of chairs for salons is complimented by equally rich selection of washing units and working station, which would look perfect not only in fancy and luxurious beauty centres, but also in small and unpretentious beauty parlors. Large selection of beds for facials and messages, manicure equipment and skincare workstations are available for order even in large quantities.

The professional spa equipment and beauty instruments supplied by JOZ Group are used in many of the high-end salons and spas in Dubai. The portfolio of products is designed to provide endusers with full relaxation and skincare.

JOZ Group specializes, in particular, in innovative devices and technologies whose primary aims are skincare maintenance, aging prevention and rejuvenation. Many of the devices and the technologies on offer use synergy of radiofrequency and ultra sound or photodynamic, which is a really innovative approach aimed at making skin appear younger and more beautiful.

The company also introduces various methods for depilation and deep exfoliation, along with slimming machines and devices. The bodycare products include: gel epil refills, waxing strips, cleansing products and gels, nails and eyelashes’ products, hair-care products and a great variety of accessories.

JOZ Group offers absolutely everything necessary for a modern beauty salons and spas to meet the needs of even most demanding clients. In addition, JOZ Group asserts its dedication to beauty services by providing expert training courses designed to introduce professionals to the latest technology available within the industry.

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