Choosing the Right Location for Nightclubs and Restaurants in Dubai


Anyone familiar with the UAE will understand just how big the food scene is here. Why? Because the population increases at very fast pace along with the GDP which allows people to spend lavishly on food. By 2030, Dubai alone is projected to be a permanent home to five million people. In addition, the influx of tourists reached nearly sixteen million in 2018 and it is expected to exceed 25 million in 2021.

If you choose to start a business in the food and beverage sector, with the right preparation, you’ll be in for a prosperity. Dubai thrives on its people who are the drivers of its economy. Many luxurious fine dining restaurants, glitzy nightclubs and bars and boutique cafes are popping up all over the city. This is indeed a testament to the prosperity that abounds in UAE. However, if you’re contemplating starting a food and beverage business or similar businesses in Dubai, there are a few things you may need to critically consider to increase your chances of success.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

Restaurants, bars, cafes and even nightclubs are some of the most lucrative businesses anywhere in the world. But then, we can’t overstate the importance of choosing the right location as this will greatly influence your business success. For a place like Dubai with so much to choose from, choosing the right location can present a challenge.
With the upcoming EXPO 2020 Dubai set to begin by October next year, The Palm Jumeirah clearly holds a lot of promises and at the moment appears to present the most opportunities for those looking to start a thriving food and beverage business in Dubai. Here is why!

The Palm Jumeirah: Location like no other

The Palm Jumeirah is everything you’ll want in the ideal business location for different types of business within the service industry. This tourist-friendly island destination is home to about 28 five-star hotels and beautiful beach resorts of all kinds. In addition, the man-made island is home to 35,000 permanent residents who don’t hesitate from the higher cost of living. If you’re concerned about siting your business near your customers, The Palm Jumeirah is where your boutique cafe, luxury restaurant or even beach club, and other leisure oriented businesses should be.

Here, your business will have direct access to unlimited traffic of customers from residents and tourists in their droves with strong spending capabilities and high disposable income. Combine this with quality service that you plan to offer, and your business will be on the right course for success. The palm tree-shaped, man-made island is already a home to established brands with global popularity. New businesses targeted at the young, vibrant, and modern crowd are emerging and already flourishing. Perhaps this is the big break you’ve been searching for all along?

How to find a location for your restaurant or nightclub at The Palm Jumeirah

Because of the potential here, you’ll expect some form of competition and it’s true. There are spaces and shops up for grabs, fit for food and beverage businesses such as luxury fine dining restaurants, boutique cafes, as well as nightclubs and bars.

Therefore, you have to be smart about getting the best location for your new business. As a subject matter expert on this, my experience and resourcefulness can be deployed to your advantage. I’ve worked with top brands and global businesses, securing strategic locations ideal for their business goals. Few of these big names include MESHICO Restaurants, McDonald’s, PACE Concept Boutiques, Jeeves Dry Cleaners and Launderers, and Rosa Clara Luxury Fashion, just to name a few.

If you want the perfect place for your luxurious fine dining restaurant or for nightclubs and bars, there’s no doubt that I can help you too. I’m just one phone call away. Feel free to contact me at +971 56 684 9810 or by email. We can discuss more details about your options at The Palm; show you some presentations, as well as the availability and commercial terms of the shops available at the moment. Again, this may be the big break you’ve been looking for all along!


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