In Pictures: 15 of the world’s most beautiful castles


In this collection of captivating images from some of the world’s most beautiful castles, you’ll see everything from the well-known masters of architecture of the British monarchy, French monarchy and to the mysterious castles of northern Europe. Above all, these are marvels of design, engineering and culture. Enjoy!

Valtice Castle are located in Moravian wine country

Valtice Castle are located in Moravian wine country
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Most of these world’s most beautiful castles have been turned into cultural museums and tourism attraction, which are easily accessible and you can visit and explore them during your next holiday break.

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An European innovation, castles originated in the 9th and 10th centuries and were built by nobles to control the area immediately surrounding them. The buildings also served as centers of administration and symbols of power. Urban castles were used to control the local populace and important travel routes, while rural castles were often located near features that were integral to life in the community, such as mills and fertile land.


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