Marble – Always Stylish, Never Old


Did you know that…

You may not aware, but marble once was at the oceans’ bottom. That is right! It is a rock that was formed from fossilized tropical reefs. How did this happen? Well, reefs turned into limestone and limestone (but only the ones that were exposed to heating or pressure) turned into marble.

Marble’s history is rich. Ancient Greeks often used it when they constructed their towns and buildings. Later, the Romans also incorporated marble into their architecture. This material was also commonly used in sculpture and decoration.

Still a Hit

Nowadays, marble is still used widely in architecture and design and it is produced in many countries. The ways in which it can be used in architecture are unlimited. From floorings, kitchen surfaces to pillars and staircases.

The popularity of marble can be explained by the fact that it is one of the most beautiful stones. Its surface is finely polished and it comes in many colours. Some marble stones have stripes which make their look even interesting.

So Many Types!

There are many different types of marble. Basically, every region produces its own kind of marble that has different characteristics and specifications. Here are some of the most popular types of this stone:

  • Wunsiedel Marble – It is produced in Germany and it is often used as a flooring material. Its white colour creates a sense of luxury.
  • Sivec – This type of marble is produced in Macedonia. Similar to the previous type it is also white. It has a characteristic appearance that can give a unique look to any building.
  • Swedish Green Marble – As its name suggests, this marble stone is green and it comes from Sweden. Because of its colour designers and architects find it very attractive and they often use it in their projects.
  • Verd Antique – This is a type of marble that is dark in colour. Even though it takes a lot of time to polish this stone, it is still widely used in interior design.

Marble in Interior Design Today

Today, marble is becoming more and more popular in home interior. That is because, as it was already mentioned, it can be used in many different ways. For example, marble is very suitable for flooring. Marble floors are more durable and less slipper. Therefore, it is often used for bathroom floors and countertops.

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The popularity of marble in home decorating and design is so great that now many countries have difficulties producing their target exports. For example, Pakistan’s target for last year was equal to $100 million. However, the country managed to export only the half of that. In addition, since 1999, world production of marble grew with 8.7%. Moreover, the industry is expected to grow even more in the next five years.

Therefore, if you have any trouble deciding what will be trendy and stylish for your home interior, pick marble. This beautiful stone has a rich history and a bright future!

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