Dubai-based fashion designer shares business insights

Dubai-grown Haute Couture - Bride Show Dubai 3

Exclusive interview with Meena Rose Fashion Designer During the Bride Show Dubai 2012, Dubai Chronicle’s editor had the wonderful opportunity to review the most-recent fashion collections of established local and International designers. Glamorous models of haute couture dresses, bridal gowns, abayas, jalabiyas and Moroccan kaftans were presented on the catwalk during the four days of the event. […]

Dubai-cultivated Haute Couture Catwalk

Dubai-grown Haute Couture - Bride Show Dubai 20

From the catwalk of Bride Show Dubai, Dubai Chronicle presents the latest haute couture collection of Meena Rose Fashion. The fashion house first opened in Kuwait back in 1985, but later moved to Dubai in 2002. The haute couture gowns are designed by a duo of mother and daughter from Iraqi origin. The haute couture […]

Bride Show Dubai: Latest Abaya Designs

Bride Show Dubai - Abaya 9

The abaya is becoming more colorful Hot from the catwalk of the Bride Show Dubai 2012, the latest abaya models by Dubai-based renowned designers suggest a tendency to turn the traditional outwear into a fashion statement. Colorful, embroidered floral ornaments adorned most of the abayas on display during the Bride Show Dubai 2012. Here are few of the […]

Bride Show Dubai: Wedding Cakes Trends 2012

Bride Show Dubai - Cake Trends 5

Wedding cakes in 2012 are tall, square or round Delicate floral iced-sugar ornaments decorate towering wedding cakes structures The Bride Show Dubai 2012 was more spectacular than ever. The rich showcase of wedding related products and services was attended by equally impressive crowds of fashionistas and brides-to-be. Along gorgeous wedding dresses, bejeweled abayas and trendy jewellery, mouth-watering towering […]

Bride Show Dubai: Bridal Couture 2012

Bride Show Dubai: Wedding Planning & Production Exclusive

Bride Show Dubai - Candels & Rings 1

One of the eye-catching displays at the Bride Show Dubai  2012 belongs to Candles & Rings. This is a wedding event styling and production company that is founded by Mariam Gulistan. She has learned her craft from the iconic Mr. Preston Bailey of New York himself. From one-of-a-kind designs to relentless efforts to meet the […]

Bride Show Dubai: Exclusive Interview with Rkia Ait Blal

Bride Show Dubai - Rkia Ait Blal 4

  The Bride Show Dubai 2012 is a more spectacular event then ever. Tending to showcase the latest styles and trends in Asian and Middle Eastern traditional wedding planning and fashion, the exhibition venue is buzzing with visitors, exhibitors and media representatives.

Bride Show Dubai celebrates 15th Anniversary

Bride Show Event 1

Dubai’s edition of the largest bridal & fashion exhibitions in the Middle East, Bride Show Dubai, is celebrating 15 years in the market.  With more than 350 exhibitors and over 16,000 visitors, this prestigious event is a unique and glamorous shopping experience with thousands of ideas to your perfect day. Whether you are planning a […]