Tenants Rejoice! Dubai Rents Are Falling

Burj Dubai 3

The skyrocketing Dubai rents, the biggest concerns for expatriates, have cooled during the hot summer months. The latest RERA rental index update shows that rates have either remained the same, or even falling in many popular areas of the city. However, real estate agents report declines of even up to 25% for the high-end properties.

A Sneak Peek of Window 9

Microsoft just gave the world sneak peek of its upcoming desktop operating system. The company “accidentally” published a teaser photo of the next Windows on a popular social media website and hinted at the Start menu button’s comeback.

Will 2014 be the Year of the Hacker

While Hollywood celebrities are complaining over their stolen, over-exposing snaps and tarnished images, the world is facing a bigger problem. Although there are a few more months to the end of this year, 2014 has already deserved the title “Year of the Hacker.” Only over the first six months of the year, the world has […]

Cars sector rated most ‘consumer-friendly’ in Dubai

Sebastian Vettel explores the future of Formula One and road car technology ahead of British Grand Prix 2013

Gold sector marks entry to region’s first-ever ‘Consumer-Friendliness Index’ with overall third, Hypermarkets rated second and Apparel sector gets lowest rating The Cars sector in Dubai won the top rating in consumer feedback tracked over the first six months of 2014 as part of the Consumer Friendliness Index of the Department of Economic Development (DED). […]

Construction Work Begins on Expo 2020 Site

Dubai Expo 2020

Construction work is about to begin on Dubai’s Expo 2020 site, after the initial phase of the original Master Plan has been completed, officials said last week. The Expo Preparatory Committee announced the appointment of a consortium, made up by two companies, which will handle the mandatory Registration Phase.

Social Media in UAE Informs, But Does not Connect

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The main purpose of social media platforms is to connect people and to easily allow them to communicate with one another. Well, not in the UAE. A new research has found that both Emiratis and expatriates in the country rely mainly on social media to stay informed on the latest regional and international news. The […]

Middle East Tourists are UK’s Most Avid Shoppers


The United Kingdom has become one of the most popular travel destinations for Middle East tourists. As a result, visitors from the region have started to spend more the European country. In fact, two separate studies have recently dubbed Middle East international travellers as Britain’s most avid shoppers.