& The Best Luxury Hotel of The Year Goes to Dubai’s…


Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Buy iPhone 6 at Apple Store When it comes to luxury travel, brand’s fame and influence isn’t enough – besides impeccable service delivery, great management and uniqueness are required. The United Arab Emirates was one of the leaders at the 2014 World Luxury Hotel Awards with a number of winning hotels, […]

Google to rival Amazon’s e-commerce business


Google is preparing to rival Amazon’s e-commerce business in 2015. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant plans to team up with retailers in order to introduce a “Buy” button within its platform. In addition, Google is said to be thinking on launching a marketing program that will resemble Amazon Prime. The source […]

Winning Industries in Dubai and UAE in 2015


In 2015, a number of industrial sectors will witness an impressive growth. They will be worth to place assets in and savvy entrepreneurs should definitely keep an eye on them. In 2015, new business opportunities will arise in this winning industries and affect recruitment trends as well. Here are the most promising industries in Dubai […]

How Wearable Technology Will Change Our Life in 2015

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Smart wristbands and other wearables are among the most talked about gadgets right now, but they are considered by most simply as a curiosity rather than something really essential. Health experts, however, expect a shift in consumer behavior and that wearable technology will start to truly change our life in 2015. Read more: Wearable Devices […]

Oil Plunge Drove GCC Stock Markets Further South


On Tuesday, Gulf stocks fell for the eight day in the longest losing streak since 2011, with Dubai’s and Saudi stock markets closing at their lowest points of the year. Abu Dhabi’s index also declined, triggered by plunging oil prices. The impact of this development is already felt across various segments of the economy, including […]

2014 Most Searched Topics in UAE

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Like every year, Google released its list of most searched terms and topics during the past twelve months. According to search engine platform, in 2014, users searched the web trillions of times. Most trending was the late actor Robin Williams, who was also the most searched topic in Google’s Loss category, along with other recently […]