KPMG Relocates to New, Future-Focused Workspace at One Central


Team-empowering space planning uses activity-based working to foster physical, mental and social wellness
Agile, sustainable and smart, the 4,675 m2 office reflects the changing nature of work and the demands of a flexible, mobile workforce

This summer, more than 950 staff members from KPMG Lower Gulf’s offices in Dubai and Sharjah are relocating to a future-focused and sustainable 4,675 m2 workspace at One Central, a gateway to international trade, finance and business. With this strategic investment in the heart of Dubai’s central business district, KPMG Lower Gulf will continue to offer its audit, tax and advisory services to a broad range of domestic and international clients across all sectors of business.

Nader Haffar, Chairman and CEO, KPMG Lower Gulf, commented: “We relocated to our new office during the pandemic, without scaling back on plans. KPMG’s significant investment in the heart of Dubai and a similar upgrade currently underway at our Abu Dhabi office testify to our confidence in the resilient UAE economy. Our new office reflects our values of authenticity, honest communication and integrity.”

“Offices are integral to building organizational culture, but as the nature of work evolves, so must workspaces. The new environment will support staff health, increase productivity and improve the client experience, while driving business results. Along with this world-class working environment, KPMG will continue offering work from home and other flexible working methods and schedules to a number of our employees, especially to working parents,” he added.

Committed to the region and its growth, KPMG has also completed office upgrades in Muscat, Oman and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. One Central has already welcomed many leading firms into its premium office space spanning more than 158,000m2. Sustainable and smart, the new KPMG office is expected to save 60% in power usage and 35% in water consumption through energy efficient fittings and furnishings. It is fitted with recycling facilities and easily reached by public transport.

The unique layout features various kinds of workspaces, including fixed working areas for focused work, quiet spaces to take calls, touchdown areas for socializing, open and closed meeting areas, and collaborative working areas. This also caters to the different needs of both introverts and extroverts.

Activity-based working (ABW) was adopted to help empower teams, increase levels of collaboration and creative thinking. Instead of sitting at an assigned desk all day, staff move through various activity areas for learning, collaborating and socialising. They have autonomy and flexibility to choose a space that best suits their work. From a meeting room, they may move to a collaboration pod or a touchdown area to have a chat.
Robust digital infrastructure plays a critical role in supporting flexible working and the agile office. While a portion of staff continue to work from home, the new workspace will accommodate the firm’s full strength once social distancing restrictions are eased. The office space has been designed so staff can seamlessly coordinate working from home with being in the office.

Dynamic space utilization is facilitated through a reservation app and sensors. Using the app, staff can book workspace ahead of time. It also allows quick space adjustments to meet permitted occupancy levels in desks and meeting rooms. In case there is a Covid-19 case reported, the desk check-in facilitates contact tracing. Anyone showing symptoms can be quarantined immediately in an on-site isolation room. Management can see how space is being utilized, and make adjustments where needed, translating to energy savings. With advanced AV tools to make collaborations easier, the office also has an auditorium for meetings, live presentations and movie nights on Thursdays.

Luke Ellyard, Partner, KPMG Lower Gulf, added: “The One Central office not only reflects KPMG’s commitment to its clients and staff, but also to society and the environment. In alignment with KPMG’s values of inclusion and diversity, the space is designed to be accessible to people of determination as the firm looks to attract and retain talent of all abilities.”


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