5 Fascinating Fashion Tips You Would Love to Know In 2017


Why should you stay updated with latest fashion trends? Because staying updated with latest fashion trends is important to build your style and boost your confidence. To help you with purchasing some hottest items of 2017 for your closet, we have created a list of top 5 fascinating fashion tips that you would love to know in 2017:

Ugly Shoes

I wonder why but ugly shoes are not just for comfort anymore, thanks to Christopher Kane, Crocs got a makeover and now embellished versions of crocs are available in the market and some brave souls are already taking on this fashion of wearing ugly shoes. So, it’s not just chefs and nurses who will be wearing ugly shoes at work, but with new fashion statement we will see quite a number of people carrying ugly shoes this year.


While the color pink has always been popular, but in 2017 we will see our favorite fashion icons rocking the color more this year, with our favorite luxury brands and designers, coloring their accessories in pink and the wide range of pink collections for spring introduced by Valentino, Gucci, Celine, and Loewe. So, if you want to show some style statement this spring, then buckle up for shopping some trending rose-hued and pink accessories and clothing.

High Heels

While we all love comfort? I think there is a much-needed change coming, with designer sandals with studs and embellished heels, we are going to be seeing replacement of sneakers with some fashionable high heels.

Why Button right the right way?

You heard me right, this year in fashion shows we have seen the trend of striped shirts and oversized shirts worn in the wrong way. What we mean is that now when you go out in a hurry and close your button in the wrong loop, you are not making a mistake you’re making a fashion statement.

Show your Activism?

The women march this year has really inspired the fashion industry this year, and designers are designing chic shirts with activists’ messages that are trending all over the world. Now you can not only show your style with your clothes but can also send the message across through your clothing.

If you are interested in online fashion shopping, then it’s time to pick up your favorite pink dresses, or your high heels and re-invent your wardrobe for showing your fashion and your political sense.


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