DSF 2017 Brings World-class Performances to Dubai Shopping Malls


The entertainment at Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 promises to be better than ever. The festival is bringing world-class performances to shopping malls across Dubai, meaning shoppers will be able to share special moments with the whole family.

The superb line-up of scheduled events will range from Alice in Wonderland-inspired performances to the breath-taking thrills of a Mongolian Circus. The incredible in-store entertainment throughout Dubai’s malls offers yet another reason to spend the day shopping.

Wonderland … Alice’s next adventure; CITY WALK; 5-11 January; daily performances at 5pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm, 8:40pm and 9:30pm

This enchanting production is based on the classic stories of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. A fabulous cast of eight professional performers, actors and circus artists will invite audiences to join Alice on her next adventure into Wonderland. Spectators will once again get to meet The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and many more of Alice’s friends as she embarks on a journey through the rabbit hole. Audiences will think these characters have come to life thanks to the incredible costumes. With impressive visual backdrops, this production is an immersive experience for viewers.


Jump Rope Planet; Mirdif City Centre; 26 December to 1 January; daily performances at 4pm, 6:30pm and 8pm

This Double Dutch-style jump rope dance troupe perform an impressive range of jump rope tricks and dance moves, which have been choreographed into a slick and stylish show.

A breathtaking demonstration of impressive physical feats, this Jump Rope Show promises to amaze audiences of all ages. Having performed in more than 30 countries around the world, they are able to perform a standard show, street show, boogie show and party show.

These jump rope masters have appeared in numerous music videos and commercials as well as at Formula 1 and Red Bull events.

Beat it – LIVE! Deira City Centre; 12-21 January; daily performances at 4pm, 6:30pm, 8:00pm, 9:30pm

A thrilling show full of legendary live performances and electrifying dance moves executed with flair as well as precision and passion that will bring a rush of energy to the audience. This is entertainment for the whole family, and a show that will not soon be forgotten.

Mongolian Circus; The Dubai Mall; 13-22 January; daily performances at 5pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm, 8:40pm and 9:30pm

Packed full of excitement, creativity and visually spectacular performances, this circus show can be performed in two different formats varying in size and scale.

The line-up includes eight artists who perform everything from solo and duo contortion to duo hula hoops and foot juggling.

Audiences of all ages will be left in awe as these artists demonstrate expert precision, flawless techniques and jaw-dropping acrobatics.

An array of brightly coloured costumes adds to the visual effect of this Mongolian Circus show.

Dancing in the Air; Mall of the Emirates; 13-19 January; daily performances at 3:45pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm, 9:00pm

Ballet is one of the most beautiful and inspiring art forms that goes beyond the physical.

The beauty of the dancer’s body, the music, the choreography, the costumes and the sets alongside the audience will create a viewer experience second to none.

Dancing in the Air combines art with ballet and flight to create a performance that is truly unique.

LED Water Drums; Dubai Festival City Mall; 26 December to 4 January; daily performances at 8pm, 9:10pm, 9:40pm, 10:40pm

Featuring choreographed drumming on their LED water drums this show is a visually stunning, high-impact entertainment spectacle that has performed to huge acclaim around the world and is now playing in Dubai for the festival.

A new concept, the show will mesmerise audiences with its synchronized, choreographed drumming display.


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