How to Wear a Maxi Skirt?


Maxi skirts have made a big comeback and ladies of all ages and body shapes are falling for them – they are extremely comfortable, flattering and versatile, allowing you to style them anyway you like. They can easily create a fun weekend look, work-appropriate ensembles, or even fancy, polished outfits for special occasions. Picking up the right fabrics, silhouettes and garments to pair them with are essential when understanding how to wear a maxi skirt.

Despite the common belief that maxi skirts are only appropriate for tall women, they can actually look great on petite ladies. Depending on the shoes, fabrics and overall styling, you can make the maxi skirt outfit work best for all body types and shapes.

Straight (rectangle) shape

Women who are with straight body shapes, where the hip, waist and shoulders are relatively similar, should choose a fitted maxi skirt, combined with a peplum top and a belt on the waist. This will visually create curves.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass shape means the waist is narrower than the chest and the hip region and in this case you can wear a more voluminous skirt and a slim fitting top.

Pear shape

If the hip section is wider than the upper body, then you can experiment with different maxi skirts. Add a belt to highlight your waist.

Apple shape

The wider stomach region often causes frustration to many women, because they don’t know what to wear to look stylish. But you can’t go wrong with a maxi skirt, as long as you keep the line clean. Avoid gathered waist, belts and slim fitting tops, as well as any details near the bust, tummy or hip area.

V shape

Women with wider shoulders, big chests and smaller buttocks should look for more details and volume in the maxi skirt, while tops should stay clean and uncluttered. You can create the illusion of a waist and curves with a wider belt and a skirt with some horizontal details.


Keep the shapes clean and slim – this will make you look taller, while for instance, a sheer skirt will draw the attention up. Add some fancy high-heeled shoes for even bigger effect.

Once you know which types of clothing are appropriate for your body shape, you can use your imagination and create different looks for different occasions. Before buying a maxi skirt, make sure it fits well and feels comfortable enough – if you are tripping, then it’s too long. Generally, streamlined styles are more flattering, whereas boho styles can add weight. The texture of the fabric is also important, as are pleats – don’t think that if a certain maxi skirt looks great on your best friend, it would also flatter your figure.

There are a number of ways to style your maxi skirt, but if you are looking for an easy spring look, choose a floral maxi skirt and combine it with a basic tee and layer with a cardigan or cute denim jacket. The styles and colours are endless, so use your imagination.

Cropped tops are a classic addition to almost any maxi skirt as they balance its length, while creating an illusion for a taller figure, especially when combined with heels. If you have a shorter, petite figure, make sure the top stops at your waist line. Taller women, on the other hand, should look for more layering.

A classic fall or winter maxi skirt outfit is when you pair it with a cozy sweater. Just be careful with the size – don’t ever combine maxi skirts with oversized sweaters and tops. This will make you look like wearing two shapeless bags.

Or you can instantly dress up your skirt by wearing a classy button-down shirt, tucked in the skirt, or under a belt. Add some glamorous heels and you’ll have a fancy, polished looked for every season. For more professional feel, add a fitted blazer, or a short, lightweight coat.

Simple maxi skirts can be paired with simple, one-colored tops and for a fun contrast, you can use a leopard print belt – a true classic for the fall.

Be careful when accessorizing – hats, scarves and statement handbags look great on simpler maxi skirts, but keep the jewelry to a minimum. A long, statement necklace might be enough for a slim fitted crop top, while with a billowing shirt or blouse it will only look overdone and excessive.

A leg split is very attractive on fitted, stylish skirts, but if you are looking for more casual feel, it will be out of place. For an edgy urban look, try a red maxi skirt with cropped leather jacket in black and a leather backpack. Contrasting fabrics and textures can be really adorable, while mixing patterns will be a huge mistake, whether you are choosing stripes, florals, spots, and so on. If you wear a patterned skirt, always pair with a solid colour top, and vice versa.

Monochrome will look slimming and really elegant, if you match the shades well. All-black ensembles are also an option, but make sure you have some pop of colour on yourself – a bag, shoes, or belt. Otherwise, you will look as if going to a funeral.

If you want to try something new, you can wear the maxi skirt as a dress if it has an elasticized waistband. Remember however, that this is an experiment, which doesn’t work with all styles and fabrics. There are many other things you can try with maxi skirts – you can wear them everywhere, in almost all seasons, and various combinations to make them suit your style best.


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