Dubai 4th Most Expensive City for Short Stays Worldwide



Accommodation is always the largest expense for travelers, whether they stay at a five-star hotel or rent a room in a cheap hostel. A new global index looking at average prices not only of hotels, but also of the increasingly popular shared accommodations, puts Dubai among the world’s priciest cities for global travelers to stay short term.

Jumeirah_Bilgah_Beach_Hotel_-_Deluxe_King_Room_on_16th_FloorThe Accommodation Price Index, compiled by travel website GoEuro, includes data on hotel room rates, prices of hostels, as well as the cost of shared accommodation. This is the practice of renting a room or two in your home, allowing travelers to stay in for less than if they are paying for fancy hotels and resorts. Users of website Airbnb meet and rent out lodging across 33, 000 cities in 192 countries around the world. Looking at the average prices in 150 cities, the Index found that New York is the most expensive location with an overall average cost of $246 per night, followed by St. Moritz ($183) in Switzerland, and China’s Macao ($168).

Dubai ranks 8th in the overall ranking, with $142 for accommodation per night. However, the difference between the price of a five-star hotel and shared accommodation, usually quite affordable, isn’t significant. The average rate at a five star luxury hotel in Dubai is $311 per night, which isn’t even in the top 20 highest prices, while the Airbnb median price for one night stay is $226, making Dubai the fourth priciest city in the world for shared accommodation. With an average price of $146, the emirate is the tenth most expensive city for staying in a 1-4 star hotel room. It’s also tenth in the world when it comes to hostel prices, with an average rate of $40 per night.

Most expensive cities for accommodation in the world:

  1. New York, USA
  2. St. Moritz, Switzerland
  3. Macao, China
  4. Miami, USA
  5. Nassau, Bahamas
  6. Boston, USA
  7. Venice, Italy
  8. Dubai, UAE
  9. San Fransisco, USA
  10. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Surprisingly, Punta Kana in the Dominican Republic is the most expensive city for 5-star hotels, with a rate of the incredible $1,323 per night, while for 1-4 star hotels the top location is New York ($296). Antaliya in Turkey, on the other hand has the most affordable 5-star hotels ($70) and Hammamet in Tunisia – the cheapest 1-4 star properties ($35). If you are looking for an affordable shared accommodation, head to Albania’s capital city of Tirana, where the Airbnb is only $30, but make sure to stay away from Boston, where you will have to pay $274.

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