LEGO Advent Calendars are Ultimate Hits this Holiday Season



Advent calendars aren’t what they used to be anymore, kids are hardly impressed when opening a door on a piece of cardboard to find a small toy or chocolate behind it. Advent calendars have become much more interactive, entertaining and unusual and some of the best right now are offered by Lego.

If you haven’t heard of Lego advent calendars, they offer the kids to build something new as they countdown to Christmas. The sets include various figures and themes each year, so there are really fantastic, especially if your kids are Lego fans. And instead of traditional nativity scenes, for 2014, Lego has released three different calendars – the City theme, the Star Wars theme, and the Friends theme, which is basically for girls. They all offer fun holiday-themed building projects every day starting from December 1. Each day you construct a part of the city in the City version and then continue to populate it – an innovative way to get kids excited about Christmas, instead of simply giving them sweets.

Most parents now prefer this type of advent calendars as they are entertaining, educational, and the kids spend hours sometimes to figure them out. Although it won’t be such a challenge for a 10-year-old, it’s still fun, especially if you get them the Star Wars edition (for the boys) or the Friends edition (for the girls). And it’s much better than the chocolate advent calendar as the contents will last!

All three sets are now available on Amazon, but you should know that as always, Lego makes only a certain amount and when they are gone, well, they’re gone. The items just arrived on Amazon and can be purchased for $29.99 and $39.99 for the Star Wars edition. Don’t expect any discounts and deals on them – they are extremely limited and will sell out very soon. Considering there are just three weeks until December, you should order your Lego advent calendar now.

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