Best Toys for Little Kids Mothers Recommend in 2014



In this huge jungle of toys, games, books and electronics, finding the best toys for little kids becomes an overwhelming task for every parent. But online retailer Amazon found an easy solution – it revealed Amazon Mom Picks 2014, the toy list compiled by parents.

It’s always better to know what other parents think when it comes to the quality, safety and durability of toys. And the largest online retailer realized this simple truth when it started last year the Facebook group called “Amazon Mom” which became very popular among parents in no time. For 17 days, members of the group selected their top three toys in different categories. According to the website, the ideas posted there by customers were actually used more frequently than price and discount filters in the search for items.

Indeed, this turned out to be beneficial for both customers and Amazon. This year, the retailer decided to share these gift ideas with everyone, creating a separate page on its website called “Mom Picks 2014”. It lists the best-rated items according to moms and dads. It’s a useful feature for the retailer as it shows which toys and games will be ordered in the busiest season of the year so that it can stock up enough of these items. And it’s an innovative way to benefit from the word-of-mouth marketing, no doubt.

However, it’s also a great opportunity for customers to discover new items and make sure they are safe, well-built, child-friendly and reasonably priced. It’s a source of reliable, trusted information and everyone prefers to buy something after reading customer reviews and opinions, rather than buying something just because it was being advertised. Of course, the toys, listed in Mom Picks 2014 are not only the hottest right now, they are also some of the most unique and entertaining toys and games on the website. Instead of wondering what to get you kid this year, you’d better go through it – you’ll find amazing things that you wouldn’t discover by yourself.

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