Eid Al Fitr Gift Ideas for Teens


The Eid Al Fitr holiday begins today, but many still haven’t started their shopping for presents. When choosing a gift for Eid, you can always combine the practical, fun and the spiritual into a modern present that even your difficult teen at home will love to have. So, why are you still wondering? Check below some great Eid Al Fitr ideas for teens.


Books have always been a great gift for anyone and any age, but in order to make your teen actually read something, you need to pick up a really intriguing book. As it is Eid Al Fitr holiday after all, religious reads will be perfect, but only if they offer a new and different look at Islam. Right now, Amazon sells hundreds of titles on the theme, but here are several we selected – “No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam” by Reza Aslan; “The War Within Our Hearts” by Habeeb Quadri, or “Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World” by Seyyed Hossein Nasr. They are all in English and available online. E-books are also very popular and allow you to listen instead of reading the story.


Electronic gadgets are very trendy among youngsters, but you need to consider the many options carefully before making a purchase. If you can’t choose between a laptop and a tablet, here is the perfect solution – Surface Pro 3. It has a 12-inch multi-touch display, weighs only 1.76 pounds, and comes with the powerful performance of a laptop. Well, its detachable keyboard and touchscreen make it a really innovative piece, while at a starting price of $799 at the Microsoft Store, it’s nowhere near the expensive laptops right now. If you are looking for a smartphone, consider the latest iPhones from Apple – the powerful, creative iPhone 5S or the colourful and more affordable iPhone 5C. UAE’s Apple Store will deliver it to you within 24 hours. And the largest online retailer sells one of the best e-readers on market, Kindle Paperwhite, for only $119.


If your teen boy is a keen gamer, he may appreciate an Xbox One console. If the original price of $499.99 seems just too much, you can order the Kinect-free version, which is $100 cheaper. Buying some of the hottest games is also a considerable option – “Call of Duty: Ghosts”, “Watch Dogs”, “Halo 5: Guardians”, “Wolfenstein: The New Order” or “Titanfall”.

Fashion items

It’s really hard to shop fashion for a teenager – clothes and shoes are really tough. So, opt for accessories – jewelry and handbags for the girls, and fashionable watches and trendy backpacks for the boys. Girls will love crystals and semi-precious stones, over-sized watches, trendy headpieces and sweet, girlish cross-body bags. You can choose modern items with beautiful Islamic elements and decorations, it’s Eid after all.

Gift cards

The gift card is the ultimate present – it’s personalized, yet not personal, so you can give it to everyone, and you will always know the person has chosen something that they actually like and want. It takes away the stress of deciding between two or more items and saves time, so it’s really the perfect gift for those who have no idea what to buy.

When preparing for Eid, don’t make it all about shopping – sometimes a nice word or a shared experience may be worth more than any gift money can buy.


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