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Spiderman Meets His Match: Watch The Challenge


Spiderman Meets His Match: Watch The Challenge

Evian ads featuring babies have been extremely popular on the web, but now a new hilarious video meets the Amazing Spiderman with his baby version. The superhero is supposed to save the world from evil masterminds, but now he takes a break to enjoy moon-walking and dancing with his mini-me.

The latest advert from the French mineral water company Evian has become an absolute YouTube hit with its Spiderman baby. If you haven’t seen a dancing baby who also makes spider webs before, check out the The Amazing Baby & Me 2. Spiderman sees his baby version in a mirror in the middle of Manhattan and starts a fun dance-off with him. The baby is simply adorable, making cute trendy moves, shaking and bouncing around. The spider-baby even makes the famous moonwalk dance that most adults would never ever dare to try. The tiny hero, also fully suited, does everything the original does, including a spider-web version of the Brooklyn Bridge. Spiderman looks baffled over his mini equivalent and his grown-up-like abilities. But, wait a minute; this is the baby version of the Amazing Spiderman we’re talking about, after all! Of course, this is the Amazing Baby!

So, the dance-off challenge can begin – the cute spider-baby against Andrew Garfield’s (he plays peter Parker in the latest installment) Spiderman. And that’s the best dance-off we’ve seen in years – you will laugh your socks off and it will make you watch it tens of times! It’s so addictive that it’s become one of the most viral videos on YouTube with nearly 2 million views for only a few days. Evian has already gathered millions of baby-loving fans on the Internet after their previous campaigns “Roller Babies”, “Baby Inside” and the “Unforgettable Baby & Me. Now with the latest video from the “Live Young” initiative they are showing in an incredibly fun way that no matter how old we are, and most of all, no matter who we are, we all are children inside. Even a superhero like Spiderman will always stay a child at least until a villain comes in (which always happens in stories).

“The amazing baby & me” comes just in time for “The Amazing Spiderman” 2 movie that is scheduled to hit the theaters on April 17, 18 in Europe and May 2 in the US. The film also stars Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Sally Field as Aunt may.

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