Basic Steps for Starting a Child Care Business



child-care_2075641bA child care business can be really profitable, especially in UAE where the majority of the population is under 30 years of age. However, starting such a small business  can be a challenging task. That is because there are many things you need to prepare and take into consideration. Also, the money you need to invest just to open your startup can make things even harder. Remember, licensing a business is expensive and rents in Dubai are going up. Nevertheless, a child care business can offer you good profits once it gains popularity. In addition, you get to work with kids and help them develop into individuals.

Prepare on the basics – Get informed about the local laws for starting a child care business as they may vary for one area to another, as Dubai has a number of free zones and freehold areas. See what the requirements are and whether you will be able to meet them. In addition to that, try to get advice from someone who is or has been in the business. When it comes to child care centers, experience is what matters the most. If you do not know anyone who has worked in the sphere, simply join some forums and seek for advice there.

Business plan – This is an important step no matter what small business you want to start. It should include your goals, estimated costs for starting, as well as running your child care business. Also, you should plan how to expand your startup further. This may sound strange providing you are yet to start, but it is necessary if you want to really get somewhere with your idea.

Find the right facility – You will need to select a commercial space for your child care center. Pick one that will offer enough space for kids to rest, eat and play outdoors. Also, you will need to plan the space you will need for your employees, as well that for storage, toys and furniture. One good advice you should take is to find a facility that it located in a key residential area with roadways and public transport. That will make it easier for parents and they will take it into consideration. As soon as you find the right facility for your startup, you must plan how to organize the space in it. Separate the rooms into age groups, create areas for recreation, napping and eating. In addition, you will need a facility that offers outdoor space for outdoor activities.

Invest in equipment – Buy the supplies and equipment you will need to operate a child care center. Those include furniture for kids, employees and parents who are visiting or waiting to pick up their children. In addition, you will need to purchase toys, books, games, arts and crafts supplies – basically things that will keep children of all ages entertained. Don’t forget to invest in some safety equipment. Fire extinguishers, locks for the medicine cabinets, smoke detectors should all be on your to-buy list.

Get a license – Without a license, all of the above will be useless. Getting a child care license involves a significant cost in Dubai and a number of applications and approvals. In addition, your facility will need to be inspected.

Insure your business – Accidents happen! However, this does not mean that you should not insure your business. That will come in handy if any of the children gets injured on the territory of your day care facility. If your business will also include the transportation of the kids, you should consider getting an auto insurance or hiring professional transport company, which may be cheaper.

Time to hire – When choosing your day care workers, look for people with the right qualifications and experience. Taking care of children is a huge responsibility. That is why pick a reliable team that adores working with kids.

It is true that a child care company is not the easiest small business you can take up. However, it pays well and brings a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are helping the young generations.

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