New Media Group Launches


New Dubai-focused Website for Fashion-addicted Readers and Style-conscious Consumers

New Media Group officially announces the launch of its latest website – The newest project of the company has the potential to become the hottest online hubs for die-hard fashionistas and all fashion-oriented readers.

Dubai A Porter will follow and present the hottest and most talked-about trends in fashion. From clothing to accessories and jewelry – the site will offer its visitors informative and reliable content, with a forward looking comments. Online readers will be able to easily get access to the latest news about fashion trends and events happening in Dubai.

However, Dubai A Porter is more than a fashion website. It is a lifestyle magazine, which covers a variety of topics. Apart from fashion, New Media Group’s rising project will introduce you to the best restaurants, cafes, restaurants and resorts which every self-respected fashionista should try out. Of course, there is also place on the website for cosmetics and beauty products. Salons are our favorite! And if that is not enough, Dubai A Porter will enlighten you on some of the most amazing technology gadgets that are about to hit the stores.

New Media Group is a pioneer in online publishing, content marketing and digital advertising in Dubai and the Middle East. The company has seven years of experience. As a result, it is quite familiar with the interests and preferences of the Middle Eastern audience. However, the website will be also very interesting to readers located abroad, since fashion is global and fashionistas international.

In addition, Dubai A Porter was created for both – male and female readers. The website focuses on all fashion lovers, without leaving anyone out of the picture.

In the future, will cover various fashion events of global importance happening in Dubai. Also, the website will introduce its visitors to the hottest brands and companies in all of the above-mentioned categories. If you plan to launch a new brand or product, get in touch to get featured and receive top quality online coverage!

As a New Media Group project, is backed up by years of experience, hard work and a well-greased team of professionals. The company is inviting all fashion-oriented readers to visit and browse through its latest website.


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