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Bollywood Superstar, Akshay Kumar Superhero for his Son


Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar, recently dubbed for the Hindi version of Hollywood, action blockbuster, ‘Transformers – Dark of the Moon’. Akshay dubbed for the role of ‘Optimus Prime’, which is one of the key characters in the film. Akshay Kumar took the dubbing role for his son, Aarav, and what’s more, he did so for free, saying this wasn’t a business deal and that he was really lucky to land the opportunity.

The screen hero further added that he saw ‘Transformers 1’ with his son when the film first released and it happens to be his favourite film, Optimus Prime being his favourite character. So when he was asked to lend his voice to the Hindi-dubbed version of the film he was overjoyed and more than happy to do it as a gift to his son. He said, “A father always wants to be a superhero for his son. I got the opportunity to do so through Optimus Prime.”



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