How to Combat Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is one the major factors for developing very hazardous conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, neuromuscular disorders, headache, even anxiety and depression. Whether modern life has made us lazy, or we just can’t escape the daily routine, the lack of physical activity makes us sick. So, what to do, and how to combat sedentary lifestyle?

All day long you are sitting – while drinking your morning coffee, then in the car driving to work. At least eight hours a day you sit in the office solving all kinds of issues, and then you sit again in the car on the way home. Having dinner and watching TV don’t make any difference. The truth is we don’t move, and even working out in the gym twice a week won’t help a lot. It doesn’t matter what you do once in a while. It matters what you do every single day. So, changing your lifestyle for the better begins with developing habits, but there are many other things that can help fighting the lack of activity.

At work. One of the biggest problems for sustained activity is the fact that jobs have become increasingly sedentary. We can’t all work outside. So, it’s very important to find a suitable, comfortable chair that has a good configuration for the back. Another thing you can do is to stand up and stretch or even take a little walk every hour or two.

Turn to your fitness. Sign up in fitness, a tennis club, a dance class, or whatever you like to do. The chance for overcoming laziness, or let’s say, the lack of motivation, is bigger when you have company. Besides, people are more likely to pay regular visits to gyms and fitness clubs if they have pre-paid subscription.

House chores. The next tip is mostly for the gentlemen – share the housework. Washing the dishes, walking the dog, and throwing the garbage can be good exercises. Working in the garden is also a great way to fight sedentary life and it doesn’t matter if you are raising vegetables or flowers.

Try doing exercises at home. Even if you don’t have the time, you can always exercise while watching TV or listening your favourite music. If you don’t know which exercises are right for you or even how to do them right, you can find information on the web.

Dance. Dance at the night club or at home. It’s a great way to burn calories, move and at the same time enjoy yourself and the music you are listening to. Once you try it, you won’t stop!

Other things which are very beneficial for the overall well-being are forgetting the elevator and using the stairs, and of course, avoiding driving the car. Use the public transport to go to work and try to walk more, even if it needs to be in the mall, because weather in Dubai is not too hot for a street walk. Don’t drive during the weekend and use every spare minute to move, to be engaged in some activity.

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