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First-launched in 2006, Dubai Chronicle is a top source for business news from and about Dubai – a targeted growing market! The website is a great advertising tool for companies with a long term business vision.

DubaiChronicle.com readers are genuine consumers who are very much likely to act upon advertisement, as traffic to the website is mostly direct and organic. This means that our readers are real people who come back to the site, because they find the content useful and interesting.

DubaiChronicle.com does not advertise, buy traffic, pay for visitors and impressions. Advertisement and sponsors’ messages reach real consumers, who are looking for real values.

Dubai Chronicle actively distributes content through approximately 5000 RSS feeds, Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn  and other social networking accounts.

Why advertise with DubaiChronicle.com?

Online advertising offers the most measurable form of promotion and it is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. It allows companies to reach specific targets – niche markets – and through the measurement tools available it delivers the most cost effective ROI for advertising campaigns.

Advertising and sponsorship on Dubai Chronicle is a strategic way to get your message in front of readers and re-publishers, who are constantly on the lookout for the next great big thing, and their followers who want to know what is going on right now!

Your sponsorship or advertisement will reach a core audience of active, influential readers, publishers and their fans, as we specialize in topics mainly related to business in Dubai: Finance, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Energy, Trade, Banking, Markets, Hospitality, Aviation, Technology, Telecoms, Education and more.

Compared to the average Internet user, our readers are significantly more likely to have professional interests in our main topics, live in wealthier households, be younger and connect to the Web on a high speed connections. They are used to do business online. We offer an unique marketing opportunity: influencing influencers!

The variety of ways to get your message in front of influential readers, publishers and their active, engaged audiences includes: all types of banner advertisement, sponsorship of content, link placements and more.

  • Please email Info@NewMediaGroup.biz, if you are interested to enhance your online presence and discuss sponsorship opportunities or placing advertisement.

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