Dubai Mall offers the best mall shopper experience in Dubai


The study revealed that residents visit malls eight times a month in Dubai on average, with males visiting slightly more than females (eight visits versus seven visits on average respectively). Overall malls in Dubai were rated the most highly (either excellent or good) for their shopping (89%), followed by their design and layout (85%), restaurants (83%) and family-friendliness (79%). Residents were marginally less positive in their rating for entertainment for children (75%), promotions (70%), entertainment for adults and parking (both 61%).

Deira City Centre is the most regularly visited mall in Dubai according to respondents, with almost a quarter visiting frequently (24%), particularly Asians (31%). Following closely is Dubai Mall visited regularly by 18% of respondents, mostly Arab expats (23%), and Mall of the Emirates (13%) visited particularly by Westerners (21%).

Out of the latest new malls in the Emirate, the best newcomer according to 28% of the sample is The Beach at JBR, followed by Shindagha City Centre – a favourite amongst 15% of respondents. City Walk came third with 11% of respondents choosing it as their most popular new mall in Dubai.

YouGov’s Head of Travel, Tourism and Leisure Research, Scott Booth commented, “With residents visiting malls in Dubai eight times a month on average, one more visit per month than in 2015, there’s no question malls are featuring ever more heavily in people’s leisure activities. Already well-known for its world-class malls landscape, Dubai continues to bring new, innovative offerings to market. Additions like The Beach, City Walk and the recently opened renovations to Mall of the Emirates continue to drive high-frequency of visitation amongst both the local and tourist populations.”


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