Dubai Eyeing a World Record for Tallest Twin Towers


After it recently broke the world’s record for highest observation deck, Dubai is moving to its next ambitious goal – building the world’s new tallest twin towers. The two massive buildings will be called Dubai Twin Towers and they will be part of the Dubai Creek Harbour project.


The Dubai Creek Harbour will be a big project and it will be located in the The Lagoons. It is planned to be three times the size of Dubai Downtown and to feature over 20 hotels, and nearly 40,000 homes. In addition, Dubai Creek Harbour will cover an area of 6 million square meters. Also, the project will be very eco-friendly, since it will have green open parks, integrated systems of transportation, as well as sustainable ecosystems. People, living in Dubai Creek Harbour will also enjoy access to healthcare centres, cultural facilities, retail area, educational facilities, pedestrian walkways and others.

Dubai Twin Towers will be the main focus of the project and all other building will be centered around it. The two buildings will be mixed-use and are said to become the tallest twin towers in the world. Nevertheless, there is still no information on when their construction will start.

There is also no word on the actual height of the record-breaking towers. However, in order for Dubai Twin Towers to actually become the tallest twin towers in the world they should be taller than the current record holder – Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers. Their height is estimated at 451.9 meters (1,483 feet) and until 2004 were also regarded as the world’s tallest buildings.

Another interesting fact is that currently the second and the third tallest twin towers in the world are also located in Dubai. These are Emirates Park Towers (395 meters) and Emirates Towers (354 meters). Therefore, one Dubai Twin Towers are constructed, the emirate will dominate the top 5 list of the world’s tallest twin buildings.

The first phase of Dubai Creek Harbour is called Dubai Creek Residences. It will kick off this year on November 1, when the project’s developer will announce 350 apartments in another set of smaller towers for sale. Dubai Creek Residences will basically consists of six towers.

Sales events dedicated to the launch of the first phase of the massive project will be organized not only in Dubai, but also in Abu Dhabi, Moscow and London on November 1.


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