First Female-Scientists LEGO Set Turns Instant Hit



For years, LEGO has been viewed as boy’s toy company. Although it did its best to change its image and become more girl-friendly by offering various construction set for young ladies, LEGO’s big break on the girl’s toys market may just have begun. The company’s first female-scientists LEGO set sold out immediately after it was officially launched.

Not long after listed LEGO Cuusoo Research Institute in its catalogue, the construction set was sold out. That, however, is not really surprising given the massive media and consumer attention which the LEGO female minifigures received over the past few weeks. LEGO introduced its first set with female scientists this June and it released it a few days ago.

The revolutionary LEGO is part of a project called LEGO Ideas. In it, fans are able to vote for various LEGO toys ideas. Those that receive the most votes will be produced by the company and launched on the market. The LEGO’s idea to create more female minifigure sets quickly appealed to consumer since in just one year, the project received the support of tens of thousands of consumers. This is certainly one recipe that guarantees success.

LEGO Cuusoo Research Institute included three female figures – a chemist, paleontologist and astronomer. Each of them has its own scene, features and accessories. For instance, the chemistry scene comes with tools, flasks, a cabinet and bottles, whereas the paleontology scene features a microscope, dinosaur skeleton, as well a magnifying glass. The set includes a total of 165 pieces and it is suitable for girls aged 10 year and up.

One curious fact about this set is that it already seems to have a huge online fanbase. A number of social media fanpages dedicated to LEGO Cuusoo Research Institute attracted thousands of followers and fans in just a few days. Hopefully, LEGO with launch more units ahead of Black Friday 2014 and the holiday shopping season.


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