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Eau de iPhone 5 Hits Dubai Stores


Not long ago, we wrote about a new perfume that Pizza Hut gifted to a limited number of its fans. Apparently the story was so inspiring that Dubai-based entrepreneurs toke it to a new level.

A brand new perfume for all Apple fans was recently launched – an Eau de iPhone 5. The “fragrance” is available at many retail shops across the Gold Souk in Deira for approximately Dhs100. Maybe it is becoming fashionable to create, sell and buy strange, but branded scents. First it was the Eau De Pizza, Pizza Hut’s delicious dough smell, and now the new fragrance, described by its sellers like the sweet smell of success.

An Iranian owner of a retail store at Souq Murshed near the Gold Souk in Deira, at first set the price tag at Dhs225, but eventually lowered it to only Dhs100.

Dubai shoppers should hurry if they want to smell like iPhone 5, because the shopkeeper revealed he had only 25 bottles of the trendy aroma.

The perfume wasn’t really manufactured and marketed by Apple, but just inspired by the success of the company and the rise of Apple products at the market this past year.

Sellers are confident that the iPhone 5 perfume will enjoy high demand and great sales success. It is designed and manufactured in the UAE and according to the Iranian seller, it smells nice and it will be a real hit! Perhaps, it could resemble the iPhone’s record of 5 million sales only in the first three days…

Consumers are expected to appreciate the Eau de iPhone 5, but we are not sure of Apple’s reaction to this branded novelty.



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