Decoration Ideas for Kids Rooms


Decorating kids rooms is not an easy task. For adults it is often hard to imagine the world through the eyes of a child. That is why many times children’s rooms end up being too boring, unpractical or even too stylish. In this article we will share few top tips that will help you decorate a nice and fun kid’s room.

When it comes to kids rooms or bedrooms there are some things that you should remember. The room of the child should be, so to say, multifunctional. Unlike adults, children don’t only sleep and relax in their bedrooms. They also play, learn and most importantly grow. So make sure you keep these main points in mind when you decorate the room.

The Atmosphere of the Room

  The general atmosphere of the room is very important for the child. But where to begin from? Start from the colours. Paint the wall in bright and soothing colours, like lavender. Avoid aggressive nuances like red, because it can make the child feel intense or hyperactive. If you have troubles choosing the right shade of paint for the walls, then go with wallpapers. In many stores for decorating there are special wallpapers that are designed exclusively for kids.

Often in kids bedrooms there are items and furniture which are necessary but, frankly, boring. These can be, for example, a chest of drawers, a desk, or a coat hanger. Our advice is to make them more off-the-grid! You can put some ribbons in different colours on the door handles of the chest of drawers, for instance. In addition, use the hanger not only for your children’s jackets and coats, but also to hang play gear (hoops, skipping-ropes, etc.) or art supplies (crayons, painting brushes).

Another good idea is to hang a painting in the child’s bedroom. However, do not pick something dark, gloomy or simplified. The painting should have more playful colours and it should challenge the child’s imagination. A picture of a fairy land with mysterious creatures and plants would be a great choice. Also, look for a painting that has many details. In that way, you child will spend time observing it and guessing what this or that means. According to some scientists, that can develop both your child’s creative and logical thinking.

Learning is Important

The childhood years are years of learning and studying. That is why you need to provide an “office area” for your kid. Every children’s room needs to have a place where kids can do their homeworks and study. Place a nice desk and a comfy chair next to the window. However, remember that the “office area” must not be too big. It should not occupy half of the room. Yes, school is important but also stressful. After all, keep in mind that children spend a big time of their day at school. They don’t need to see it at home too.

Reading is important for children. However, many of them do not have a developed habit to read. Therefore, you should help them out with that. Create a nice cozy, well-lit place where they can read. Add some cushions, a blanket and a lamp to ensure a better reading experience.

Another good idea is to spread lettered blocks around the kids room. In that way children will try out their spelling skills and have a some fun!

Talking of fun…

Ok, enough with learning and studying! Time for some fun! Kids room should also be entertaining and creative. So, make sure you leave some space for a play area. Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “play area” is toys. However, toys are not the only thing that you can put there. Add materials and items that will spark the child’s imagination, like crayons, pencils, colouring books and paint brushes. Encourage your child’s creativity. Then make sure to build a small “gallery” of their masterpieces. A cheap way to do that is to string a wire from wall to wall. However, don’t place the wire in the middle of the room! That could be dangerous!

A fun addition to every kid’s room is the chalkboard. It is perfect for both games and studying. Another thing you can do is place magnet boards in the room. On them the children can showcase their paintings or projects, play word games and many other things. Generally, these items occupy a lot of space. Therefore, it is a good idea to attach them to wardrobes or storage closets.


Children have many toys, pencils and other little items that always get in the way and can create a chaos in the room. It is not easy to find where to store them. It’s a common mistake to buy a huge piece of furniture for them. Yes, it is an option, but before getting one, try to explore and exploit every opportunity for storage in the room. If the bed has built-in cubbies or pull-out bins, use them. Also, you don’t even need to spend money of expensive furniture. You can simply use storage containers from beans or potato chips. To make them look better add some pictures or stickers. If you want to create a more neat appearance, place the stock cubbies and storage containers in a small shelf and put a curtain to keep things hidden.

A Bonus Idea

One last thing before you start decorating – buy or make a growth chart for the room. Children check their height like women check their weight! Kids love to follow the process of growing. As parents, we are sure you are going to like this idea.

Follow these full of joy and fun basic tips and ideas for decorating kids rooms. Good luck!



  1. Great ideas! The post is very helpful if you are going to design a bedroom for your kids. I totally agree with the author that too bright colors are not the best option for the child’s bedroom. It is better to choose colorful furniture, bed, bedding or other room accessories.


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