Leading Brands launches interactive magazine reader for iPad



Leading Brands Publishing, a Dubai-based custom publishing house, today announced the launch of MAGapp, a free, user-friendly magazine reader for the Apple iPad. What sets MAGapp apart is that it engages with readers through a number of interactive visual experiences. Pages come with attention-grabbing features such as built-in video, social networking, slideshow images, links to websites, audio clips and dual layer design.

“MAGapp has revolutionised publications that have been developed for the iPad, which to date have been little more than glorified PDFs. By incorporating this high level of interactivity, readers are going to spend more time engaging with the content, and sharing it with others,” said Mars Mlodzinski, Company Partner, Leading Brands Publishing. “We launched MAGapp with issue 1 of Engage ME, a title that focuses on branded content for marketers across the Middle East. Engage ME is a free publication for iPad users and comes packed with video, audio and web links.”

Targeted at marketing and branding professionals, the interactive nature of the design creates an informative, engaging and entertaining reading experience. From interviews with industry professionals to global in-depth articles, Engage ME covers branded content internationally.

To get this free magazine reader, simply search for “MAGapp” on the iTunes store, visit http://leadingbrandspublishing.com/our-services/magapp-ipad or go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magapp-pro/id448151593?ls=1&mt=8


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